Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Outdoor kitchens are quickly gaining popularity nowadays. In this day and age, it is very seldom when one can gather and eat together with the family.

But when it comes time for a barbeque, it seems the whole family; or rather the whole neighborhood is scrambling to be there! Thus, the outdoor kitchen is born. You may say that an outdoor kitchen is too luxurious for you, too expensive perhaps, unaffordable and so on. Think again!

As long as you have a place (a deck or a patio would do) to install the basics of an outdoor kitchen then you will be surprised at how inexpensive they could be. All you really need to complete your outdoor kitchen is a grill and a storage area for you cooking accessories. And if truth be told, you can have this in a single unit for more or less than $300.

The cost of putting up a fine outdoor kitchen is rather cheap, that is, as long as you already have an area in mind such as a deck or patio where you plan to set it up on.

When choosing the location to put your grill, make sure that it will not reach any combustible surfaces. This can be illustrated through simple addition: if you put fire and wood together, what do you get? More fire, of course! However, you should not limit your caution to wood alone. Never make the common mistake I’ve seen a hundred times of putting your grill near a vinyl siding. Although it may not cause fire, the heat will surely dissolve the siding.

Also, take note if you are going to use a gas grill. You will need to think about the gas line and a place where a gas grill can easily be set up. And, don’t forget to think about the possible bad weather. You’ll need a covered space with ample amount of lighting to accommodate your cook.

Gourmet Outdoor Kitchen

Do-it-yourself outdoor kitchen

When making your own storage cabinet, consider how the weather will affect it. A cement fiber backer board can be used as protection.

Or, set up a tile or stone surface that can cover it. For about $700 you can buy you a fine-looking steel drop-in grill. Be sure that your countertop is also weatherproof, so make use of tile, granite, stainless steel, solid surface, or concrete.

You can produce a magnificent social spot if your area is large enough to include both the countertop and the eating area. You can then make the grill as the center or focal point. Bar stools are ideal for this type but be sure to buy stools made of weatherproof materials.

Refrigerators and sinks

Of course any kitchen has a refrigerator, so your outdoor kitchen must have one too. A good stainless steel refrigerator made especially for outdoor use is the best type to buy.

Outdoor refrigerators are not your ordinary full-size units. They are the under-the-counter type. Ensure that your buy the right outdoor type.

Without outdoor refrigerators, what effort it would be if you have to go back and forth to the inside kitchen, so it is a great addition to your outdoor kitchen. Make sure that your things are stored securely all year round by buying an outdoor refrigerator with safety lock.

Another thing to consider is a sink. It is more convenient if you have a sink in your outdoor kitchen to do your washing and rinsing and adding water to your sauces. It saves you the trip of going in and out of the house or the tedious task of putting up a hose. But check first with your local building codes regarding adding a sink.

Modular grill units

If you lack the confidence to build your own outdoor kitchen, do not think that you are doomed of not having a nice one forever. There are modular units that can serve as alternative to your outdoor kitchen. It is as easy as setting it up then firing up the grill!

Of course, you wouldn’t want one of those $20-grills you find in super-saver stores. Invest, invest, invest! Typically, grills will provide you a cooking spot from 15” to 26” deep and up to 4 ft. wide.

Your decision will really depend on whether you want a charcoal grill or the one that makes use of gas. You may even consider a wood smoker as an option (but they are more tedious to work with in terms of regimented cooking schedule).

Real outdoor grilling connoisseurs use stainless steel most often. Newer models feature wood grain embossed on the stainless steel and even has an array of bright colors to choose from that will complement any kitchen. You may also choose a model with side burner for your sauces or other dishes.

Custom built-in grills and countertops

If you really want to customize your outdoor kitchen, you will plan it as part of your landscape design, with a built-in grill and countertops that incorporate tile or natural stone like slate or granite that match your patio materials.

While this adds cost, it will also make your outdoor kitchen something to really enjoy and a place the entire family will want to spend time together relaxing for outdoor meals. An outdoor kitchen and eating area will also increase the value of your landscaping investment.

Determine the elements that you want for your outdoor kitchen but ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS consider how it will fit the climate in your area. If appropriate, consider how best to provide overhead protection and features like screen enclosures to keep the bugs away so that you’ll truly enjoy using your outdoor kitchen.

An outdoor kitchen can be a good investment in Minnesota as well as in Florida considering the wide range of choices and options available if you plan correctly and know what seasons and how often you will use yours.

Adding an outdoor kitchen can be a fun do-it-yourself project or part of a professional landscape design effort that you choose to hire contractors to complete.
Set your budget and must have features and design elements up front and you’ll be happy with your outdoor kitchen and eating area for many years!

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