Outdoor Decorating That Is Attractive and Functional

When spring is in the air and the snow is melting, we can look outside and see the first signs of green life and birds returning north. We can also see how much yard work needs to be done. While many people love gardening, landscaping and outdoor decorating many others find it a chore. But there are some decorating ideas that aren’t just good for improving the aesthetic value of our homes, they are actually functional. Here are just a few ideas for yard décor that serves a purpose in addition to visual appeal.

Outdoor Lights

Lights are without a doubt one of the easiest way to make a home more attractive and safer. When we use small ground solar lightslights to line walkways or outline the perimeter of a yard it creates a beautiful ambience, but they also offer protection.

There are a number of ways that darkness around a home can be a problem. For one, if it’s difficult to see where you are walking, it is much easier to fall and get hurt. It’s bad enough when it’s someone living in the home, but god forbid it happens to a stranger or a visitor, because any injury opens the homeowner to a lawsuit. For those whose yards may be visited by furry critters, lights can help keep prevent accidental run-ins with animals like raccoons or skinks, for both humans and pets. And of course home security is a factor, and a well lit home is much less enticing to would be burglars than dark and accessible ones. For all of these reasons, adding lights to a path or yard can be an easy, inexpensive way to decorate and protect.

Key Hiders

Sure, you can go the easy route by hiding a spare key under a mat or a flower pot. But these tried and true methods are no secret to trespassers either. There are other ways to get creative with key hiding, like burying a spare in the garden or storing it secretly behind a brick in the house. But if you’re looking to add a little extra something to your yard décor, then why not get even more creative with how you hide your key?

There are actually several fun, useful and even cute key hiders that can give you the security of knowing you’ll never be locked out and while also decorating your yard. There are practical options like a thermometer or sprinkler. But there are more visually interesting ones as well. If you line a garden or walkway with stones, you get the visual draw of the landscaping. But you can also then utilize the popular rock key hider and simply place it among the other stones so that it will blend in to the canvas. If you want something unique with a little character, ornaments like a cast iron frog, gnome or lady bug key holder are great ideas. These little guys are happy additions to your garden that will eliminate any concern that you’ll ever have to try to climb in your own window.

Bird Houses

Another fun way to make your outdoor environment more whimsical is to get a selection of bird houses. Bird houses can, in some cases, be little works of art. They can be interesting shapes, or elaborate bird chalets. But not only do bird houses create fun chances for the family to watch feathered friends, if you have a garden, these guys are allies you definitely want.

While there are some insects that are beneficial to gardens, there are a good number more that are damaging, or even deadly, to flowers and vegetables. But when you encourage birds to take up residence n your yard, you get the added benefit of a full time insect patrol. Many common species of birds like House Wrens, Eastern Blue Birds and Chipping Sparrows that are prominent in North America and love to eat the kinds of bugs that destroy gardens. Yellow Warblers in particular are great birds to cater to, because they love to dine on pests like caterpillars and mosquitoes. When you go out of your way to put up bird houses, you add more visual appeal to your yard and you can reduce the number of pesticides you need to use in your garden, which is good for your plant life and for the environment.

It can be fun to spend time decorating the outside of your home, not to mention improved curb appeal can add value to your home. Additions like outdoor lights, key hiders and birdhouses can make your yard beautiful while silently serving another, more practical function. When we put our lawn decorations to work for us that is the epitome of being a smart home owner.

Julie writes for Mr.Beams, a company specializing in battery operated motion detector lights and other outdoor lighting solutions. Julie has been blogging and freelance writing for the last few years and has worked in retail and marketing.

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