Make the Most Out of Your Swimming Pool with Accessories

Although many see a swimming pool, whether in a leisure centre or at home, as somewhere to exercise and get a few lengths under the belt, in reality a pool can offer so much more to all generations of the family, if you know how to accessorise it and where to get the accessories from. Whether you want to encourage the younger members of your family into the pool or you want to keep the older children entertained this summer in a safe environment, through a specialist swimming pool firm, you’ll be able to find a range of quality accessories.

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From inflatables and toys through to lights and floating training aids, there are various accessories available, which are designed to encourage younger members of your family enjoy the pool, improve the confidence within the pool along with the safety and enjoyment.

Inflatables and Toys

Whilst on holiday many of us will experience the thrills, spills, laughter and joy which comes with a visit to a water park. Whilst it’s not possible to build your own water park, complete with a multitude of fast paced slides and pools, it is possible to have as much fun and entertainment, thanks to the range of toys and inflatables which are currently available.

Love them or loath them, there’s no denying that various swimming pool inflatables can provide hours of fun, entertainment and believe it or not, relaxation in the pool for children and adults alike. Some inflatables will also enable the younger ones in your family become comfortable in the water and learn to swim.

For those that want to relax in the pool without getting wet, there are a range of lilos available, which are easy to inflate and come in a range of colours and designs for those who are tempted by fashion. If you want to relax on a lilo with your favourite drink to hand, why not purchase a fashion lilo which comes complete with a built-in cup holder, arm and back rest.

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Are you looking to provide your children with an inflatable which will not only keep them entertained and allow their imagination to run wild whilst they play in the water, but also helps to improve their swimming; then perhaps the range of inflatable animals, from crocodiles through to dolphins could be the perfect inflatable.

For the younger members of your family, why not get them used to the water in a safe environment by purchasing an inflatable baby seat, swimming rings and roll-up armbands.

Previously some of the only toys which were designed to be used within a swimming pool environment would be the inflatable beach ball. However, as pools become more popular within households, there are thousands of swimming pool friendly games available, including:

  • Aqua basketball, volleyball and handball – with nets/goals which float within the pool
  • Toys which encourage and build confidence in the pool and going underwater

From inflatables and toys through to lights and floating training aids, there are various accessories available which are designed to encourage younger members of your family to enjoy the pool and improve confidence, enabling them to remain safe whilst still having fun.


From the usual L.E.D lights which safely illuminate the pool, ensuring that everyone can enjoy hours of safe and carefree swimming and playing, through to underwater pool lights which create an underwater light show to entertain friends and family. There’s no longer any reason to stick to the mundane, especially when your pool design can be whatever you dream of and you can have various accessories, including lights to match.

Floatation Aids

Learning to swim can be a stressful time in any child’s life, however it’s also a necessity – especially if you’re looking to take your family away on a beach holiday. Why not take some of the stress out and give your children the confidence to explore the pool, by purchasing a range of floatation aids which are available.

From kickboards which are designed to improve the strength in the legs during a range of strokes, through to foam noodles which are designed to aid buoyancy.

So with summer just around the corner, why not bring an element of fun, entertainment and relaxation to your pool by purchasing a range of swimming pool accessories which are designed to encourage, amuse and thrill all  ages of the family for hours on end.

Written by Michael Younger on behalf of The Swimming Pool Store; your local suppliers of Swimming Pool Chemicals, Accessories and Pool Covers.

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