Organic Gardening Tips

Starting your own garden is becoming much more than a popular trend as people around the country are reaping the rewards of fresh, healthy produce from their own backyards. Whether you live in a rural community with lots of acreage or you are a land-strapped urbanite, there are countless options for starting your own organic garden with minimal hassle. Here are four tips from the pros on where to begin if you are considering starting an organic garden.

Careful Planning

You might be tempted to rush to the store and start sowing seeds everywhere like a crazy person, but you will be better served if you take a least a little bit of time to think it through. Plan out what kinds of plants your want to grow, evaluate how big they are going to get and what kinds of needs they have. Do you really have room to grow 8-foot tall sunflowers on your balcony? Maybe not. Note: if you want to plant wildflowers, you can ignore this step. Wildflowers seeds are great for throwing everywhere and require no planning!

Consider Soil Composition

Gardening organically doesn’t have to be more difficult, but there are a few extra considerations you will want to make. Since you will not have access to the quick and dirty types of chemical fertilizers, you will want to make sure you either pick a spot with decent soil already or be prepared to pony up a bit for some top soil and natural fertilizers.

Start Your Compost Pile Early

Since you won’t be using chemicals, you will want to have a readily available supply of nutrient-rich compost as soon as you can. Composting is easy and requires no cost. All you need is a place to reign in a pile of stinky dirt and the presence of mind to remember to take your leftovers from the table outside instead of throwing them away in the garbage. Composting takes time, but it will be worth it for your garden and for the environment.

Pick Your Seeds Carefully

Just remember farmers have been selectively breeding crops and creating seed hybrids for tens of thousands of years. At the end of the day, it is possible to obtain both hybrid and heirloom seeds for your organic garden. You can choose to select seeds that will do well in your climate and soil and still maintain the organic integrity.

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