15 Lovely Park and Garden Pergolas

It’s time for inspiration: see these lovely pictures of arbours and pergolas. Ever planned to build one in your garden? The large wooden pergolas fit well to large gardens with wide paths, that’s why they are often used in the public parks. If your garden is smaller you’d better consider wrought iron arbour or a pergola made of thin branches.

Pergolas look great in almost every garden when they are green and plants roll up on them. In a rainy days pergolas may add a bit of mysterious look to your pathway, and when it’s sunny the soft shadows will turn the space under the arbour into a small oasis. Pergolas don’t have to be build above paths – you can also use them in patio area where a table and chairs can be placed too.

Take a look at the pictures below and imagine a similar construction in your garden. What do you think?

1. Arbour Walk in Sydney

Arbour walk at South Bank

You wouldn’t build such pergola in your garden unless you have really a lot of space. But perhaps a similar and smaller construction with wooden arches… why not?

2. Iron Pegola

Iron Pergola

Yet another public area construction. It has lovely vintage outlook. Have in mind that building something like this for your backyard will be very expensive.

3. Lemon Pergola at Lotusland

Eureka Lemon Pergola

Now this is something I’d love to have! If the weather in your area allows growing citrus, a pergola supporting lemon trees is a very neat idea. Imagine walking under it and picking a fruit any time you want.

4. Private Iron Pergola


This is classics – long iron pergola above a pathway.

5. On a Shady Alley

Pergola - Mitra

Here is a perfect illustration of the mysterious perception some pergolas can make. This alley looks a bit wide but the same rectangular design can be applied in smaller scale to the walk to your door.

6. Pergola from Trees


An interesting conception is to use abandoned trees as part of the pergola construction. It’s easy to do if there are old trees around a path or if you move withered trees from other location. Don’t cut live trees for this.

7. Wood and Stone

the pergola

Professionally built one with stone built basis. The picture is from public park in Macungie but once again, nothing stops you from replicating the pergola in your backyard.

8. Simple Rectangular Design


Rectangular designs are easy for doing yourself. This one is constructed by beams with simple diagonal supports.

9. At Hill Garden, Hampstead

Hill Garden, hampstead

This is more a construction for a large porch rather than a typical pergola. It can add a lot of comfort and help plants grow right in front of your door.

10. In Austria, Public Park

A rainy day in April

My guess is you don’t have such wide paths in your garden. But if you want this kind of wide pergola you can consider installing it over patio area.

11. At Rio de Janeiro

Jardim Botanico do Rio de Janeiro

Speaking about impressive designs, what would you say about this? The stone columns and the arches make the construction look like part of a castle. Although building it will be more expensive than a simple rectangular pergola, this design is doable at home and in smaller scale.

12. In Buenos Aires, Argentina

Just a perfect day. Just a perfect park.

This pergola is very similar to the previous one, looks like people in South America like such designs. If you want to build similar pergola for your garden you can check for ready stone columns at your local store, so you will have to work only on the arches at the top.

13. Rectangular, With Benches


Wooden rectangular pergolas can easily be combined with or built around existing benches. If you don’t want the area to be too shady, keep the plants sparsely distributed.

14. Hampton Arbour

Hampton arbour

This is really impressive picture, looks almost like a tunnel. I imagine it’s kind of scary in the night.

15. Patio Pergola

custom composite and wood pergola PA080073

I mentioned placing pergola in patio few times above. So, here is how it can look. Nice!

Which of the pergolas you liked most? Would you try to build one for your garden?

Author bio:
Bob Johnson manages a site about building DIY sheds where you can learn about the entire process – from the shed foundation to the roof.

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