Landscape Lighting Ideas

The garden is one place in your home where you can express your creativity.

You can do this by improving and working on your garden’s landscape. The addition of lighting completes your landscaping, providing illumination for spending evenings outdoors and enhancing your property’s security.

The right flowering and ornamental plants for your garden should be used. You may also add a few structures to make your garden more pleasant-looking. Certain facilities where the family can stay and relax outside of their homes may also be added. During daytime, you can easily realize this.

But to make your gardens feel safe and relaxing even during nighttime, landscape lighting is essential. These outdoor lights will even accentuate the beauty of your garden landscapes.

A properly-lighted garden allows you to continue appreciating its beauty even at night. Landscape lights therefore not only provide security, they all showcase your garden’s beauty.

When using landscape lights, you must keep in mind of their dual function. Brighter outdoor lights would seemingly provide better security. The brighter your garden is, the more it deters unwanted company at night.

Outdoor lights however should not be too bright to spoil your garden’s scenic beauty. The brightness of landscape lights should just be enough to make the view of your garden relaxing. They should be soothing to the eyes. They must be sufficient enough though so that even passersby can appreciate your garden’s beauty.

To keep a balance between the security and aesthetic aspects of landscape lighting, certain factors must be considered.

First, outdoor lights should not take away people’s attention from the view itself. These lights should not become the view itself. These must be situated where they may be unseen or sparsely seen.

People’s attention should be on the view and not on the lights. These lights, however, may form part of your garden’s landscape if they complement the view. Thus, finding the right color, brightness and kind of lights for your garden is necessary. Otherwise, landscape lighting may end up irritating you and those around you.

The second consideration is that landscape lights should be properly located. Places in your garden where these will be kept from easily getting damaged should be chosen.

Landscape lights are out in the open and exposed to wind, rainfall and sunlight. This exposure usually affects the efficiency and functioning of these lights. It’s quite odd if an outdoor light which is supposed to protect you from harm is in itself unprotected from possible ruin.

Another issue concerning location is light’s attractiveness to insects at night. These tiny creatures will most likely bother you if your lights are not properly placed.

You should avoid putting these near places where you stay in your gardens. Instead of being relaxed, you’d get irritated once these insects start crawling on you. If you are entertaining visitors in your garden, the presence of insects becomes an embarrassment. These small flying, biting creatures will make your garden annoying even if it has a beautiful landscape and lighting.

Third, investing a little more on landscape lights that are energy-saving will in the end pay-off. A lot can be saved on electricity costs if lights shut down automatically during daytime.

You can also generate savings if your landscape lights are solar-powered. In addition, the use of rated and high-quality lights easily translates into savings as these have longer use.

A fourth consideration is that landscape lights should be durable and safe to use. These lights are exposed to natural occurrences such as rainfall. The use of durable lights can greatly lessen untoward incidents from happening.

Another aspect is that almost all outdoor lights run on electricity. Wiring should be properly installed to avoid accidents. The proper installation of wires may also prevent these from destroying your garden’s view. Outdoor lighting is supposed to protect you at night, and not to put you in danger.

Finally, only areas in your garden that needs to be showcased should be lighted. It would be a waste of precious energy if your entire garden is always brightened up.

Lighting up the whole garden might even take away people’s focus on what should only be viewed. This consideration, however, must not sacrifice your safety. What good will a beautiful garden landscape offer if you don’t even have a good sense of security in your own home.

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