Installing and Repairing Patio Covers and Gutters

The patio, which is basically a place for recreation right outside of the house, is usually the space between the house and the garden. It is used as a dining area and is typically paved. A gutter, on the other hand, is a channel that diverts rain away to another direction so that it does not pour messily from the roof.

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Patio Covers

Many homeowners prefer to have patio covers to protect them from rain or from the heat of the sun every time they hang out on the patio. There are many kinds of patio covers that will fit any preference and style. A patio cover can both serve as a functional part of your patio or something that can beautify it. A fabric patio cover, for instance, provides shade without making your patio look too dark. It is usually made of painter’s drop cloth, shade cloth or a simple tarp that is sewed to fit the size of the patio. This covers the patio without covering the view of the outdoors entirely.

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A retractable awning, on the other hand, is connected to one side of the house structure, and shades the patio area whenever needed. You can opt for a removable patio cover or a permanent one. Removable ones include retractable awnings, fabric canopies and umbrellas. Permanent ones include gazebos, pergolas and arbors.

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When choosing the right patio cover, you should consider the size of your patio. If it is large, a permanent cover is a good choice. Removable ones are ideal for small patios, although they may also come in large sizes. Another thing to consider is the weather condition in your place. If the place where you live is often windy or rainy, you may opt for the permanent patio covers. If it often rains, a removable patio is a good option. If you choose a permanent patio cover, you will have to contact a professional to do the work for you.

If you want to install a permanent patio cover, you can choose between materials including aluminum, wood and vinyl. These three are the most used patio cover structures in houses. However, you do not have to limit yourself with these three options because there are many other options available. They come in many styles and colors that will surely match your preferred style. Aluminum and wrought iron requires less maintenance compared to wood and vinyl. Aside from this, they are much easier to install. Shopping around, asking friends and contacting a home improvement professional will help you choose the best patio cover.


Maintaining clean gutters will help you prevent damage to your roof and walls. Water trapped inside the gutters can be damaging, so you have to make sure your gutters are always clean. You have to remove leaves and twigs with the use of a large spoon or gutter scoop. Make sure the downspouts are not clogged so that rainwater can flow freely into it. Use a small plumber’s snake to unclog the downspouts. If your gutter is leaking, look for the leak and clean it using a wire brush and water. Once dried, rub the leaking part with coarse sandpaper. Use plastic roofing cement to cover the hole. Spread it at least two to three inches around the leak. If your gutter has major damages and needs a complete overhaul, consult a professional for reinstallation.

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