Inspiring Gardens from Around the World

If your backyard is looking bare, consider creating a special garden area in the landscape. Adding a garden to your home brings color, texture, and life to an otherwise empty space. Planning a backyard garden isn’t hard, just be mindful of the sun and climate needs of each plant, and if your space will allow them to flourish.

Whether you’re looking to fill a big space, or create a small garden escape, you will find inspiration in these breathtaking gardens from around the world. From the lush tulip gardens in Keukenhof, Holland, to the stunning architectural additions to the Las Pozas Gardens in Mexico, each has its own unique features that you can bring to your own backyard.

The Gardens of Versailles- Paris, France

This exquisite French Garden features perfectly manicured lawns and hundreds of pristine topiaries. The neatly sculpted hedges bursting with colorful tuberoses are arranged in classic parterre style for graceful symmetry.

Nong Nooch Gardens- Pattaya, Thailand

Thailand is home to over 1,000 species of orchids, and in the Orchid Garden at Nong Nooch is host to many of these species. This garden is a tropical escape with the serene ponds, thick, tumbling vines and brightly colored orchids at every turn.

Huntington Botanical Gardens- San Marino, California

Lace, Tea, and China roses are some of the many varieties that flourish in the Rose Garden at Huntington Botanical Gardens. Above the simple stone pathways, richly colored roses twine their way through the pergolas. This romantic garden is sure to inspire.

Las Pozas- Xilitla, Mexico

A non-traditional, surrealist architectural garden hidden in the Sierra Madre Mountains is a departure from the ordinary. Edward James’s concrete creations, natural waterfalls and pools create a dream-like world in the thick subtropical landscape.

Keukenhof- Lisse, Holland

Spring blossoms are the specialty at Keukenhof. Millions of Holland’s famous tulips line the winding walking paths through the park. Cheerful daffodils, hyacinths, and irises stretch as far as the eye can see, creating this fragrant, gorgeous garden.

Ryōan-ji Zen Garden- Kyoto, Japan

Perhaps one of the world’s most famous gardens, although it is has no trees or flowers. This dry, tranquil garden features only large rocks and raked gravel. Without plants or accompanying wildlife, this garden provides a place to sit quietly and contemplate without distraction.

Desert Botanical Garden- Phoenix, Arizona

The Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix is home to over 100 varieties of cacti and succulents. Here, conservationists and volunteers are dedicated to featuring the natural vegetation that thrives in hot, arid environments. Unique, textures, colors, and shapes surround you on the dusty trails in this garden.

Claude Monet Garden- Giverny, France

If you’ve seen Monet’s famous Water Lilies, you’ll see his inspiration in his garden at Giverny. A calming pond brimming with pale pink water lilies rests beneath lazily swaying willows. Although the water garden is beautiful, the Clos Normand flower garden on the property is equally stunning. Daisies, poppies and more exotic breeds grow uninhibited from every corner. The garden is organized by color instead of size or species, for texture and volume.

So channel the Ryōan-ji Zen Garden by adding rocks and pebbles to your garden, or line a path with neatly sculpted topiaries like the ones that adorn the gardens of Versaille. Whatever your style or preference, take inspiration from these great gardens from around the world.

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