Get Your Garden Ready for Summer!

As the days start lengthening and the weather warms we realize that summer is beckoning and the garden is starting to call. That’s why it’s time to get out our boots and spades and get the gardening project commenced.

Evaluate the Topsoil

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One of the first things to think about when preparing your garden for the summer months is the quality of your topsoil. The topsoil is the uppermost layer of soil that lines the earth (and your garden) and it is vital that to ensure your plants and flowers thrive as they should, that the topsoil is in tip top condition.

The winter weather along with weeds and roots left over from the previous summer can harm the quality of your topsoil. Therefore in order to get it ready for this year’s shrubs, it must be cleared of any weeds or dead roots. It is also a good idea to purchase some high quality topsoil from a knowledgeable retailer. The topsoil they sell should be made up of only the highest quality products, ensuring that it is the best possible soil you can feed your garden.

Choosing the Right Plants

Once you’re ready to get planting, a top tip is to choose seedlings of plants and flowers that are resistant to the cold. This is because springtime can still be the bearer of unpredictable weather, and the last thing you want is for all your hard work to go to waste because the flowers you planted couldn’t make it through that unexpected cold spell. Suitable flowers for spring gardening include daylilies, crocosmias (known as montbretia in the UK), lilies and gladioli.

This is also the time to prep the beds for any summer crops you wish to grow. And if you’ve never given growing your own fruit and veg a go, why not try it this year? Not only will it save you money, but it’s far healthier, not to mention enjoyable and rewarding too. Exactly which crops will thrive will depend on where you are in the world, but simply search online to find which foods thrive best in your climate and then get ready to enjoy the freshest food you’ve ever tasted. However, you should again, consider the quality of your topsoil – even more so considering that you’re planning on eating the results of what grows. High quality topsoil should not only help the plants to grow bigger and more efficiently, but it should also increase their nutritional content, resulting in a healthier meal being placed on the table.

Don’t Forget the Patio

You also might want to think about your garden furniture. Have you left it out all winter and now it’s rusted or rotting? Or has it simply been neglected indoors and could be revived with a bit of tender loving care? Either way, it’s time to get shopping around for a new set of garden benches, chairs and tables – or to simply get out the paint and polish so that last year’s furniture can be blessed with a new lease of life. Whichever it is, one thing that can really let the perfect garden down is furniture that is uncomfortable, tired or worn – so make sure you spruce it up in order to attain the perfect habitat for relaxing and entertaining friends with a bit of alfresco dining.

Unless you’re a really ambitious gardener looking to enter the local ‘best garden’ competition, getting ready for summer doesn’t have to be a too time-consuming or taxing activity. All it needs is to clear the flower beds of weeds, followed by replanting for the coming year. Then it’s just a bit of a clean-up – keeping the lawn mowed, trimming the hedges, maintaining the furniture and simply making your outdoor space look as best it can. You could even think about those little extras you’ll need for summer fun in the garden. You could invest in some comfortable sun-loungers, perfect for laying out on really bright days. You could even upgrade your BBQ and purchase some plastic plates and glasses – ideal for large summer gatherings to avoid the possibility of broken glass causing a nasty accident.

Whatever you choose to do this Spring, just remember why you’re doing it – because there’s isn’t anything much better than hot days and warm evenings spent outdoors, and the chance to enjoy it only comes once a year, so it’s worth the time, effort and expense needed in order to make the most of it.

This guest post was written by James Harper on behalf of Boughton Loam and Turf Management, experts in Topsoil. James writes on many subjects including gardening.

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