Designing the Perfect Pool Spot for Summer

The sun is shining bright. Days are getting longer and hotter. The kids are out of school. That means summer is practically upon us, and if you are in Southern California, you need to figure out how to stay cool this summer. Fortunately, if you have a pool, you are already part of the way there.

If you don’t have a pool, it’s about time to contact a pool contractor and get on the bandwagon. A pool is a great investment and one of the best ways to keep cool in the sun. If you already have a pool and it’s looking a little shabby, you might want to consider an update, or add even more value by calling professional spa builders.

Here are a few tips for designing that perfect pool spot for the summer.

Inspecting Your Space

If you have the yard space and really enjoy the thought of having a pool, you should consider calling some professionals for a swimming pool installation.

Before the installation begins, you should consider the space you have and the surrounding area. An inspector will come to your home to ensure your home and the surrounding area would be safe for a pool installation.

Pool Designs

When you have figured out whether you have the space, you can begin thinking about the design of your pool. Remember, in the modern day, not all pools are in the classic kidney bean shape. The design is dependent on the amount of land you have, so here are a few design ideas.

  • Freeform: Not everyone has a perfectly symmetrical or geometric piece of land. A freeform pool is limited only by your imagination. Curves and natural elements create the illusion that the pool is an organic part of the land. Freeform pools are great for smaller yards where a traditional size might not necessarily fit.
  • Minimalist: Grottos, rock formations, and other lavish additions are quite common with many pools. A minimalist pool does away with all of that, going instead for the sleek, toned-down look. These are built to complement modern architecture.
  • Infinity: An infinity pool makes use of the natural view to integrate background bodies of water into their pool design. The back wall of the pool is lowered to water level, and any overflow is caught in a catch basin and recycled into the pool’s water system.

Surrounding the Pool

You should also keep in mind design ideas for the area around the pool. If you want to host some fun summer parties, having a patio or deck area around the pool will give people a place to hang out when they’re not swimming.

Keep deck umbrellas in the area to shade from the harsh sun. You might want to buy some patio furniture for extra relaxation. Large heat lamps might be a great idea to stave off those chilly nights.


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