Compost Tumblers Make Composting Easy

Organic gardening has been around since the beginning of the gardening experience. When you are looking into turning your garbage into something that will that will produce dividends, you might want to look into compost tumblers. Most people who are true organic gardeners have already begun their own compost bin, taking time out now and then to turn them over for better break down of the ingredients, and that can be sufficient for very small gardens.

When those gardens get larger though, and we get older, the effort it takes to turn that compost can be tiring. This is when good compost tumblers can come in handy. Many long time gardeners feel that compost is superior to fertilizer due to the fact that it improves the content of the soil and that does more than just feeding the plants. When the soil is

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improved, garden plants will grow healthier and stronger and will be better prepared to resist disease and drought conditions as well as give increased amounts of produce that is better for you.

For those who are not sure what compost really is, here is a quick explanation. Compost consists of organic matter such as leaves and vegetable as well as fruit waste that is dumped into a pile where it is allowed to decay. Bacteria enter the picture and work their magic by helping to break down this material. Since bacteria exist naturally in nature used in this manner they are very beneficial to the whole growing and recycling experience.

Normally it takes just a couple of months for this whole process of turning waste organic matter into soil to take place.

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When the mixture of ingredients is right, and you have turned it appropriately, and allowed it to dry eventually you will have a products that is called fresh earth. Attending to the compost pile routinely will turn out a great product more rapidly than just leaving it to its own devices.

In some places the season for gardening can be quite short. If you have prepared correctly and far enough in advance you will probably have enough fresh compost to take you through the entire season. However, if you have waited until the last minute you may need a little help. Here is when good compost tumblers can turn a hard job into light work.

Another great advantage of having compost tumblers is that you will have the entire process up off the ground and away from some of the critters that can infect compost bins. Unlike ordinary compost bins, you will not want to dump a little waste product into the tumbler a little at a time. This should be done all at once so that the process is completed all at the same time. Remember, it takes time for nature to take its course and turn out fine compost.

You should turn your compost tumblers about once a day for best results, and you will want to add a starter to the first batch so that you have all the ingredients, including bacteria and other micro organisms for making quality soil. Once your compost is ready to go all that is left to do is add it to your garden and watch it grow.

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