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Did you know each species of bird has its own food preference? Each of them, from the American Robin to the sweet Song Sparrow, likes different kinds of seeds, vegetation, and even insects. When you are looking to attract a certain type of bird, this information is helpful for deciding what to put in your wild bird feeders.

For instance, if you love watching the American Robin, you might consider planting a raspberry bush. The American Robin loves to feed on raspberries. A raspberry bush can offer you a special view when Robins begin teaching their offspring to eat raspberries. Like most birds they will pick at seeds, but seeds alone isn’t necessarily their favorite meal.

A very commonly loved seed by many birds is the black oil sunflower seed. Most birds love this seed and it can be purchased in bulk without other seeds in the bag. And if you can’t stand the mess these seeds can leave behind, you can them without the shell. However, birds may spend less time at your wild bird feeders if it is less work to eat, as they will fill up faster and fly off.

While black oil sunflower seed is the most preferred seed by many birds, there are others that are worth purchasing. For instance the finch is a popular bird that enjoys nyjer and thistle, and they can even eat upside down. These seeds are very small and can only be used in certain wild bird feeders, specifically those that have small openings so the seed doesn’t fall right out. If you have finches in your area, these are worth purchasing as they are such a fun bird to watch.

Another common bird feed is mixed seed. This is what you will most often find in stores. It has a bit of everything for each kind of bird that might come to your area. While it is nice to offer this type of food, some of it will be wasted as not all of the food will be used by all birds. That isn’t to say it won’t be eaten at all: many birds will stop for a visit to snack on this type of food, and you can even get it with the black oil sunflower seed to attract more species.

As a warning though, squirrels love wild bird feeders, so if you are considering using them and don’t want your yard infested with squirrels, check into a squirrel baffle to keep them away from the birds’ food.

No matter what kind of bird food you want to put out, you should start by thinking about the types of birds you would like to see in your back yard. From there you can choose the perfect feed, as well as wild bird feeders, to make sure you enjoy as many bird watching hours as possible.

This post brought to you by guest blogger Mary Green who enjoys blogging about bird watching, from wild bird feeders to glass hummingbird feeders.

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