A Summer Vegetable Garden Yields Fun and Fresh Foods

Planting a garden used to be something that only those who were short on money wanted to do. In days past it was the epitome of admitting that you could not afford to shop for your fresh produce. Today, fortunately, we all know better. Planting a summer vegetable garden is not only a great way to assure that the produce that you eat is healthy and fresh, but a great project for your entire family to do together.

The Realities of “Fresh” Food

More than 1,000 recalls take place each year. Many of them have to do with fresh produce. It is not grown necessarily wrongly, but is in fact tainted as it is picked or shipped. Making your own garden and taking care of our own produce is one sure way to know that we’ve got healthy and wholesome products that are not in any way tainted or may cause health issues.

This year alone healthy produce has been a real issue. More than twenty products, including lettuce, tomatoes, green onions and several kinds of beef have been recalled for tainted products. Wouldn’t it be more fun and more healthy to rely on your own fresh healthy products to use in your family meals? Add to that the incidence of irradiation and other things which are currently taking place and the garden in your own small back yard looks better and better.

A summer vegetable garden doesn’t have to be a big project. It can be something as simple as a few pots in a container garden or a raised bed gardening project if you don’t have a large area to raise a garden. Learn how to plan your garden in four easy steps!

Quality Family Time

Your family and you can get into the gardening together. Little children particularly will enjoy the chance to plant the produce and to watch it grow from seed that they plant in the dirt in your family’s vegetable garden. It will be not only a learning experience, as far as biology and life science, but one that will teach them a great deal about family and about working together.

A garden is more than a place to get great vegetables. You and your family will interact, will learn and grow together just as your veggies grow. Getting everyone to work on them together may take a little ingenuity. It may not necessarily be what your children want to do to spend a day away from school, but once everyone gets into the swing of things, once it becomes fun for everyone, they will enter into it with the same spirit that you do.

The main reasons for growing a summer vegetable garden will be the healthy and great produce that you get. The side benefits of growing a garden will be the togetherness that you get and the sense of family that it inspires.

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