Why Should I Hire An Interior Designer

Should you hire someone else or manage the project yourself?

This morning I ‘Googled’ the phrase ‘Why Should I Hire An Interior Designer?’ and of course the top result led me to about.com, a site I have very little respect for since they don’t offer that much useful content.

After looking at what they had to say and perusing a few other sites that Google holds in high regard to this question, I decided to do a post about the subject in order to see what others think.

Maybe I Just Don’t Have Talent

Now, the first reason you might pay someone else to decorate your home is that you have absolutely no sense of interior design. And while some people have a real knack for homemaking and decorating, for most of us it’s an acquired skill.

Actually, I would have to say that even people with a natural talent have studied design principles such as color coordination, effective use of pattern and repetition, and other concepts.

So, if you simply invest some time to learn these concepts from reading books, watching some of the many home improvement and decorating shows on TV or browsing the Web you too can learn how to make your home look good, even if you think you have little or no talent.

I Have the Money So Why Spend Time Decorating?

For people who have the money, time is always a consideration; why should I spend time making my home look the way I want when I could hire a professional to do it for me?

Now, this is a valid consideration except for one important aspect; if you let somebody else design your living room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. will it really reflect your own tastes?

In part, the answer to this question lies in who you hire to decorate your home; a good interior designer must be a great communicator, able to ask the right questions and get to know you personally so that their designs reflect your lifestyle, personality and unique tastes!

Unfortunately, not all designers are able to achieve this goal in my experience; they often put their own goals of creating showcase home interiors they can show off to other designers and clients instead of putting the client’s needs first.
This too often can lead a homeowner to wake up one day weeks or months after the project is completed and realize they don’t feel comfortable in their own home or that the colors their designer selected are all wrong.

So, even if you have a lot of money, be sure you insist that your designer is working for you and not simply using your home to promote her or his own reputation and services! It’s your home so don’t let you designer bully you into making choices you don’t agree or feel comfortable with. You’ll probably be sorry if you let your designer call the shots!

I Won’t Have Access to “Available to the Trade Only” Items

Sure, there are furniture and home decorator items that are available only to professionals, which is nothing more than an age old “snob appeal” scam. If you just have to own these items you could consider hiring a designer on a limited basis to provide access to such shops and help you buy these items.

For the most part though, it’s actually more fun to spend time shopping and looking around for truly unique furniture and home décor products that catch your eye and match your own unique tastes rather than buying things simply because they are only available to interior designers!

What about Finding Painters and Other Professionals Myself?

Another aspect of hiring a professional designer is that he or she will have established relationship with those who provide all the services you may not be able or have time to do yourself, such as faux painting, sewing, etc.

Again, if you are willing to invest a little time you can find these services on your own and save money in some cases, since often times a designer marks up such services. Also, should you rely on your designer’s opinion of someone’s talent versus taking the time to check out their portfolio and talk to their references to be certain they will complete the project to your liking?

Making a Decision Whether to Hire a Designer

In the end only you can decide what’s right for you. If you evaluate all these factors and decide that you need help and you have the budget, then go ahead and hire a professional. Often, they can mange YOU as much as they manage the project; guiding you to make decisions, allocating budget to the right elements to achieve YOUR goals and ensuring everything fits together cohesively.

On the other hand, you’ll feel greater satisfaction and probably end up with a home you really love by doing things yourself. One option is to hire a designer as a consultant rather than letting him or her actually manage the project; this is a good compromise especially if you have limited talent and knowledge in designing home interiors.

Leave us your comments, feedback and personal experiences; do you think hiring a professional designer is the way to go? What experiences, positive or negative, do you have to share?

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