The Most Beautiful Sea-View Houses in the United Kingdom

So many people wish to trade in their hectic city lives for a place by the sea. There can be nothing more calming than sitting back and watching the sea slowly landing at the foot of your home. There is many an attractive proposition when it comes to buying a house by the sea. Here we give you three spots along the British coastline that could give you the perfect place to set up home. Each has plentiful houses to make your home and come with beautiful sea views and a spectacular standard of living that makes it worthwhile to get away from the rat race and away from the city.

1. St. David’s Peninsula, Pembrokeshire
The area of St. David’s offers a fantastic sea view and great sight-seeing vantage points from many locations within it.

Photo by Mike O'Brien

There are so many hidden cottages and villages which house panoramic views of the North Pembrokeshire coast that you will have your eyes and mind truly blown away. Plenty of culture and history sit snugly alongside natural wildlife and a sporting passion for the water. Great sea views can be found for miles along this section of Britain’s coastline.

2. Falmouth, Cornwall
This historic town has an artistic flair to it that has attracted bohemians for many years. There are stunning beaches to waste away your time until the early hours and also a grand old English sea front for those who wish to sample a simpler life. All along this stretch of coast are spectacular sea views. From Maenporth all the way round to village of Mylor, there is plenty to enjoy your new life with.

3. Bamburgh, Northumberland
With what has been regularly voted one of the best beaches in the whole of the United Kingdom, Bamburgh offers a relaxing location with a spectacular, medieval backdrop. Bamburgh Castle looms from up on high and many a deserted golden, sandy beach can be found with exploration along these shores. A great location for the best sea views from your home.

The British coastline has many hidden treasures, and from the very north of Scotland down to the South coast of England, there is something for everyone who wishes a sea view to call their own. With great wildlife, fishing opportunities and water sports you can have the time of your life, right on your doorstep that happens to look out over a beautiful sea view.

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