Rotor House: Avant-Garde Architecture, Small Footprint

So, how do you put an entire home into only 36 square meters (387.5 square feet)?

Designed by Luigi Colani, the prototype Rotor House features some pretty ingenious space saving to fit kitchen, bathroom, sleeping quarters an a little spare living space into the ultra compact living space.

Taking a page from the mobile home and boating industries, the unique home uses molded plastics throughout to make maximum use of limited space.

Although the house itself is square, using a remote control you can rotate the rooms, which are arranged within a six square meter cylinder in the center of the house, to change your view to the outdoors. Thus, you can have the same view from the kitchen that you have from the bedroom!

The unique design of the Rotor home and its cylindrical center also eliminates the dead space that most floor plans require to provide hallways between rooms.

Designed for young professionals who are focuses on their careers and do not want the upkeep of a traditional home, this could be the face of the economical home of the future.

Source: Hanse Haus

Complete with kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, the 36 square meter Colani Rotor House even rotates by remote control.

Compact but cozy sleeping space in the rotor house.

Shouldn't take you long to clean the bathroom in this micro home of the future.

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