Moving on Up: Making the Most of Your Home Vertically

So you’ve just moved into your dream apartment. It has all the things you have ever wanted – a great view, a claw foot tub and gleaming hardwood floors. Yet it has one tiny drawback. It is approximately 332 square feet. No bother! Thanks to innovative design ideas and stores Tiffany Home Furnishings, creating a spacious living area is easier than you think.

The first thing you should do when faced with the challenge of tight space is to take inventory of the stuff you already own. Are there some items you can easily live without? We as people tend to hold on to things longer than we should. We have gotten pretty good at telling ourselves, “oh yeah, I may need this some day.” Try to decide if the item in question is a virtual need or simply a want. If you question yourself long enough, most times you will realize you don’t really need those old issues of Tiger Beat with Ryan Gosling on the cover.

Now that you have made your keep, toss and donate piles, you are ready to maximize your dream apartment to its fullest potential. The best place to start is with your bed. A great way to make room for all that stuff you realized you can’t live without is to either purchase a platform bed that sits up off the floor or invest in some bed risers, which are fairly inexpensive and can raise your bed up six whole inches! You have immediately made way for storage containers for things like bedding, linens, shoes, knickknacks or even those Tiger Beat issues you dug out of the dumpster.

Next step is to invest in a great shelving system. At Tiffany Home Furnishing, we can help you make the tiniest of spaces efficiently livable and. most importantly, add a little style. Purchasing a bookshelf to store items such as books and records, can also serve as a stand for your TV or stereo. Buy shelves that attach directly to your walls above other pieces of furniture such as a couch or a dining room table so that you can still display those keepsake collectibles you also dug out of the dumpster.

Struggling with light in your new dream space? If your apartment is on the darker side, hanging a large mirror on the biggest wall can bring in a lot of light and give the impression of a larger space.

Tired of scratching your head in bewilderment over what the ad said was a kitchen? Repeat step one and ask yourself if those three different smoothie makers are all really necessary. If you have found yourself in an open floor plan with very little counter space, invest in an island. No not a tropical one. Kitchen islands are equipped with a drawer, two shelves and even wheels for easy mobility.

Remember, when working with limited space, the key is to always live “up” rather than “out.” Try to retrain your brain to think vertically instead of horizontally, because nobody wants urban sprawl in their living room.

Timothy Lemke is a freelance health writer. To read more of his work, visit the website of Dr. Mick Brooks, a dentist in Tumwater, Washington.

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