Home Design

With research time and patience building your own home is possible for almost everyone! House design plans are available in a wide variety of floor plans- from simple starter homes to luxurious executive homes! When you act as your own general contractor you can save up to 40% on the final cost of your home!

House Design

Acting as your own general contractor with your house design also gives you near total control over every aspect of your home- from materials used in the foundation to the electrical systems and all the way to the attic fan! You can cut your costs even more when you build your own house if you are knowledgeable in some of the more common carpentry trades. Even if all you can do is paint a room that can add to significant cost savings! House design, planning and homebuilding can be extremely time consuming. If you decide to build your own home and actively participate in your house design it can be a strenuous time for you and your family. Deciding on the house design itself, then deciding on subcontractors and the inevitable problems that arise when you build your own home can take a toll on the family! But if you keep in mind how much you and your family will enjoy your new home, and make it a family project, your house design project can be a huge success!

House Design

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