Building at the Ledge – Part 1 (Project Overview)

Building at the Ledge

I started this site because my dad and a few others have asked to see photos of the house that I’m building.

It’s turned into a diary of the project, with as much information as I can include.

You should know that a general contractor (I’ll call him T.B. for "The Builder") is the one who is actually building the house, but one of the reasons I chose him as a builder is that he encourages me to be as involved as I can in decisions and even in some of the labor.

It’s been a long and difficult project for me, and there have been many times I’ve wondered what on earth led me to tackle it.

But it’s also been incredibly rewarding and educational, and I know that the end result will be much more than just a house — it will be my dream home, and I’ll love it all the more because of what I’ve put into it.

Pictured below are some of the wonderful old oak trees on the property, with the river in the background. This is my view from the south side of the house. Yes, I know I am a lucky person.

Building Site Trees

I’ll try to update things regularly but I’m a working stiff so please don’t complain if I get sidetracked for a few weeks or months. And wish us luck!

Disclaimer: I’m not an expert on anything I say in this web site. I’m not a licensed or even unlicensed contractor, and barely know how to use a hammer. So don’t believe anything I say unless you check it out for yourself.

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