Shingle Style Home Architecture and Design Features

Shingle Style homes were popular from the late 1800s into the early 1900s.

These homes were much more streamlined than the popular Victorians of that period.

Shingle Style borrows elements from a variety of architectural styles, including Queen Anne Victorian, Colonial Revival, Tudor, Gothic, and Stick.

Shingle Style homes integrate these elements into an informal and casual house design.

The name comes from the fact that most of these homes are sided with cedar shingles, although that’s not true of all houses in this style.

They also are characterized by an irregular floor plan and multiple floors.

Most Shingle Style homes are two or more stories.

Shingle Style Exterior Design Features:

  • Roof line is irregular, with eaves on several levels
  • Exterior siding and roof are often covered with matching shingles, usually made from cedar
  • Shingles may or may not be patterned
  • Some homes have a rough stone exterior on the first floor and shingles on subsequent floors
  • Casement and Palladian windows are common
  • Often has multiple gables, one at the front of the house, and one or more wings with additional gables
  • Often has a porch or multiple porches
  • May have stone arches or small towers reminiscent of Queen Anne style

Shingle Style Interior Décor Features:

  • Common interior architectural details:
    • Exposed rafters
    • Millwork and carved moldings
  • Floor plan is generally arranged around a large central hall but is otherwise irregular
  • A fireplace or multiple fireplaces are common and usually have brick or stone surrounds
  • Staircase is centrally located but more casual in appearance
  • Large, open rooms that flow into each other

Shingle Style Decorating Suggestions:

  • Focus on the use of natural materials like wood and leather to complement the wood trim, natural flooring, and stone accents commonly found in Shingle Style homes.
  • One hallmark of Shingle Style home design is painting the ceilings in a complimentary color. Consider a ceiling in sky blue or light tan to inject a little color without obscuring the trim with a coat of paint.
  • Compliment the informal, rambling layout with clusters of furnishings that encourage reading, relaxing, and conversation.
  • Some decorating schemes that work particularly well with Shingle Style architectural design include:
    • Arts and Crafts décor
    • Tuscan/Italian décor
    • Rustic style

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