Pueblo Revival Home Architecture and Design Features

Pueblo Revival homes are a seamless mix of Contemporary design and the original Pueblo homes built in the Southwest.

Since they’re usually built with adobe, they’re sometimes called Adobe homes. Pueblo Revival homes incorporate elements of native architectures of American southwest pueblos such as the famous Taos Pueblo, as well as features brought to the US southwest from the styles of homes found in southern European Mediterranean rural countries.

Pueblo Revival homes first gained popularity in the early 1900s and are still being built today.

Pueblo Revival has many offshoots including Pueblo Deco, which combines Pueblo Revival and Art Deco; Santa Fe, which is a style that developed in New Mexico; and Territorial Pueblo, which has right angles instead of rounded corners.

With adobe or stucco walls, the modern style of Pueblo Revival homes makes use of natural materials and angular lines.Although the original pueblos were built with bricks made from dried mud, today’s version is usually made from ready made materials.

However, the stress on natural materials and seamless integration with the outdoors remains. Pueblo Revival homes are usually single story or two story.

Pueblo Revival Exterior Design Features:

  • Flat roof without any overhang
  • Walls are generally made from adobe or have stucco siding
  • Corners are rounded
  • Exterior ornamentation usually includes a parapet and stepped levels
  • Simple windows set in deep openings
  • Some have porches, which are usually supported with Spanish style posts
  • Porches may or may not be enclosed

Pueblo Revival Interior Décor Features:

  • Often has a corner fireplace
  • Common interior architectural details:
    • Exposed timbers
    • Niches carved into the walls
    • Many have built in furniture, particularly benches
  • Brick and wood are the most common flooring options
  • Kitchens usually integrate natural materials

Pueblo Revival Decorating Suggestions:

  • Open beams and angular design typify the interior of Pueblo Revival homes.Focus on natural materials that integrate well with the home. Wood and leather are always good choices for large furnishings. You can integrate bright colors with textiles and accessories
  • Make the most of the wall niches. They are intended to display religious items; if you’re not particularly religious you can still make use of them as a focal point. Consider hanging a cluster of objects around the niche to draw the eye. Pueblo style pottery and tile are just a few of the possible choices
  • Some decorating schemes that work particularly well with Pueblo Revival architectural design include:
    • Pueblo or Southwestern Decor
    • Rustic Decor
    • Tropical Decor


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