Georgian Colonial Home Architecture and Design Features

Georgian Colonials were popular for about a decade, starting in the late 1700s.

The style is based on the Georgian homes that were popular in England at the time.

However, the Americanized Georgian Colonial is a little less ornate than the English Colonial.

It’s also influenced by classic architectural styles such as Greek and Roman architecture.

Georgian Colonial homes are usually two or three stories tall, and in general they’re large and stately in appearance.

Classic lines and architecture are the norm both inside and out.

Authentic Georgian Colonial Style HomeGeorgian Colonial Exterior Design Features:

  • A medium pitched hip roof
  • Common exterior materials include brick (with stone quoins in the corners), clapboard, and shingle facing
  • Rectangular shape
  • Double hung windows without shutters
  • Windows often have nine or twelve panes per sash
  • A gabled entrance with a paneled front door often flanked by Greek columns

Georgian Colonial Interior Décor Features:

  • Often has two chimneys, one at each end of the house
  • Common interior architectural details:
    • Crown molding
    • Dado board
    • Chair rails
  • Linoleum, ceramic and wood are the most common flooring options
  • Laminate, granite, and soapstone countertops are most common in the kitchen
  • Cabinets are usually raised, curved panels which are either stained or painted. Cherry, oak and maple are common materials

Georgian Colonial Decorating Suggestions:

  • Most Georgian Colonials have large rooms with equally large walls. Think big when it comes to wall ornamentation. Large mirrors with ornate frames or sizable paintings will fill the space without looking cluttered
  • Traditionally, muted hues were used in Georgian design, and they do work particularly well in these homes. Instead of bright reds, consider a dusty brick color. Muted forest green, grey-blue, and tan are also good choices.
  • Wallpaper was very common in Georgian design, and many wallpaper manufacturers have Georgian prints to choose from. If the idea of applying wallpaper doesn’t appeal to you, consider buying scraps and hanging them in ornate frames.
  • Some decorating schemes that work particularly well with Georgian Colonial design include:
    • French country décor
    • Colonial style

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