Contemporary Home Architecture and Design Features

Contemporary homes first gained popularity in the mid to late 1900s and have become increasingly common since then.

This architectural category includes a lot of different house shapes and styles. Some Contemporary homes have Postmodern influences and others have Neoeclectic elements.

Tall windows and sleek lines characterize the comtemporary style of home architecture.The key to identifying a true Contemporary home is the presence of many tall windows. These homes generally have unique, custom shapes. Contemporary homes are rarely rectangular or L shaped.

One story is the most common height for a Contemporary home, although two story versions can also be easily located.

Contemporary Exterior Design Features:

  • Roof may be flat or gabled
  • Common exterior materials include stone or wood
  • Very little exterior ornamentation: no shutters, columns or porches
  • Numerous tall windows, sometimes in irregular or trapezoid shapes
  • Since the exterior is minimally decorated, landscaping is key to creating curb appeal

Contemporary Interior Décor Features:

  • Floor plans are usually open
  • Common interior architectural details:
    • Cathedral ceilings and exposed beams in styles with gabled roofs
    • Crown molding
  • Wood and ceramic tile are the most common flooring options. These homes often integrate rare artisan materials
  • Gourmet kitchens with central islands are common
  • Common countertop materials include marble, concrete, and stainless steel

Contemporary Decorating Suggestions:

  • When it comes to decorating a Contemporary home, think clean lines and neutral colors. Add interest to your rooms with an unusual focal point: an abstract modern painting or sculpture, a pop of bright color in a cluster of objects on the mantle, or maybe an attention grabbing ceiling fixture
  • Choose neutral furnishings in simple shapes. Update your rooms easily with accessories and paint when the urge strikes
  • If you need to inject some patterns into your rooms, stick with modern geometric shapes. No fussy flowers or fluttery laces
  • Some decorating schemes that work particularly well with Contemporary architectural design include:
    • Modern décor
    • Swedish décor
    • Asian décor

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