Arts and Crafts Home Architecture and Design Features

Arts and Crafts homes, also called Craftsman homes, were popular in the early 1900s, particularly in California.

Arts and Crafts homes stress the use of handcrafts and natural materials for a scaled down, comfortable look.

The style is also heavily influenced by Chinese and Japanese architecture.

One of the most popular Arts and Crafts home styles is the bungalow.

However, other home layouts can also be built in the Arts and Crafts style, including Prairie homes or Foursquare homes.

Most homes built in the style have one and a half floors, but they have irregular floor plans.

Arts and Craft Style HomeArts and Crafts Exterior Design Features:

  • Low pitched roofs with wide overhangs and triangular brackets
  • Common exterior materials include wood, stone, and stucco
  • Many windows, some may have stained or leaded glass
  • Often has a dormer window on the second floor
  • Most homes have a front porch, supported with thick columns which are often made of stone

Arts and Crafts Interior Décor Features:

  • Most have chimneys, usually made of stone
  • Common interior architectural details:
    • Crown molding, usually made from dark woods
    • Dado board
    • Chair rails
    • Beamed ceilings
  • Linoleum, slate and wood are the most common flooring options
  • Laminate, granite, and soapstone countertops are most common in the kitchen
  • Cabinets are usually recessed, square panels which are either stained or painted. Cherry, oak and maple are common materials

Clean lines characterize the Craftsman style of home architecture.Arts and Crafts Decorating Suggestions:

  • Arts and Crafts style homes often have built in furniture such as seating, cabinets, or shelves. Top seating with colorful pillows and cushions to make it a focal point. Make the most of displayed items by painting the back of built in display areas to match the walls or use a complimentary color
  • Hand-painted tiles are a hallmark of Arts and Crafts decorating. Use them as accents in the kitchen or bath, frame and hang them on the walls, or integrate them into your fireplace surround.
  • Some decorating schemes that work particularly well with Arts and Crafts architectural design include:
    • Arts and Crafts style
    • Rustic décor
    • English country style

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