A-Frame Home Architecture and Design Features

The first true A-frame house was built in 1957. Since then, it has become a popular style for cottages, particularly in cold regions with a lot of snow.

The distinctive roof with its steep slope make it well suited for snowy climates. However, the roof shape makes the interior fairly small, so the style isn’t well suited for year round lodging of a large family.

Beginning in the late 1950s the A-frame style of home architecture became popular in America, especially for vacation homes in snowbound mountain areas.The A-frame is usually made up of one and a half or two and a half stories. The roof generally extends all the way to the ground on both sides, although in some versions the roof ends a few feet above the ground.

Since most of the exterior is made up of roofing materials, there’s very little exterior maintenance required beyond maintenance of the roof.

A-frame Exterior Design Features:

  • A distinctive triangular shape with a steep pitched roof and deep eaves
  • Gables in the front and back of the house
  • The most common exterior for the front and back of the home is wood siding
  • Many windows set in the front and back walls
  • Sometimes windows are also set into the roof on the sides

A-frame Interior Décor Features:

  • Common interior architectural details:
    • Exposed ceiling beams
    • Few vertical walls
  • Floor plans are usually open, with rooms flowing into one another
  • Combined living and dining areas are common
  • Sloping walls create dead space in the outside corners of the home

A-frame Decorating Suggestions:

  • Sloping walls make hanging decorations difficult. Make the most of the few vertical walls that you have, or consider injecting a little color with paint and wallpaper.
  • Since the walls are difficult to decorate, use fabrics on upholstery and window treatments to brighten up the room. Don’t be afraid to combine patterns in the same color family; sticking with one pattern creates too formal of a look for a casual home like an A-frame.
  • Since the space is small, steer away from mammoth furniture pieces that will overwhelm the space. Three smaller chairs is generally a better choice than one large one.
  • Some decorating schemes that work particularly well with A-frame architectural design include:
    • English Country décor
    • Arts and Crafts style
    • Rustic style
    • Western style

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