Four Architectural Dream Home Designs

If you’re thinking about building your dream home, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure of exactly how to get started. You probably want your dream home to be an expression of something personal and meaningful, and you know that the process will require extensive time and effort when working with your architect. However, it can be helpful to be aware of a few basic house plans to use as a basic starting place!

Beautiful Bungalow

Since the turn of the last century, these cozy homes—cousins to the renowned craftsman home plan—have been a Southern California staple. Light fills the spacious rooms, and with few hallways these homes are often the pinnacle of airiness and openness. The bungalow is also characterized by a low roof (don’t worry, exposed rafters make the roof feel higher than it is). A large, welcoming porch, is the perfect touch for the entertainers’ lifestyle—often adding essentially another room to your home.

Family Farmhouse

On a farm, the house is where everyone comes together after having spent the day hard at work in different places across the property. Because farm families are traditionally large, these homes feature large, light-filled common rooms, especially the kitchen. The dining room is often designed specifically to accommodate a long wooden dining table essential for big, country-style family dinners.

New American

In the booming economy of the 1990’s, these enormous, majestic houses become popular in suburban areas across the country. Huge, sometimes story-tall, windows will often face the front yard. The forward façade is asymmetrical, lending the house an almost castle-like feel. Because of the size of these houses, they are very adaptable; the interior can be designed to accommodate almost anything a builder desires.

Spanish Style

Many American house styles are re-makes of imports from across the pond, but this one is particularly noteworthy for the emphasis it places on creating beautiful, livable outdoor spaces. Popular in areas like the Southwest or South where weather is frequently inviting, the backyards of these homes generally feature covered walkways, fountains and patios that seem to beckon you to an afternoon lounge.

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