Entry Doors Make a First Home Impression

Choosing a new entry door for your home can be a daunting task! The entry door is the first impression people have of your home, and it needs to match your personality and decor!

However, the entry door is almost always exposed to weather and they often look old before they should Traditionally homes have been build with solid wood doors- the problem with this is that the wood is very susceptible to rain, wind and sun damage!

Front Entry Doors

We now have more options for entry doors. If you can think of it, chances are, it is produced! Some are made of wood, and others are made of fiberglass, and fiberglass and steel combinations. Often, the entire entry door is sold as a complete entry system.

This means that the door is already pre hung in a frame, and includes weather stripping on the bottom edge. These doors can even come with sidelights, transoms, locksets and hinges.

As mentioned before there are many materials that entry doors are made of today, and sometimes what appears to be a wood door is not really a wood door. Many of today’s wood doors have steel interiors and most doors whether wood or steel have some sore to foam insulation.

Many popular entry doors come with a window or glass pane in them. In my home, I chose a steel door (that looks like wood) with a frosted glass pane to allow light through and a transom.

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