Country Décor

Many people today are looking to escape their busy, fast paced lifestyle with a calm, country look for their home! It makes sense when you consider that being in this country décor setting can help ease your stress after a long hard day! It also makes the home warm and inviting to friends, family and guests!

Some things to consider when decorating for a country décor are:

Country décor can be defined as coarse, charmingly simple, unfussy, unfinished and but with endearing qualities. Typical country decorating includes the use of natural woods, aged surfaces, rough finishes and simple lines.

Floors in country décor are made with stone or wood materials. Wood floors were traditionally constructed with boards that were bare and simply waxed and hand-polished. Sometimes the boards were painted with light colors. If you like floor coverings, use oriental rugs and throws for visual warmth and color.

Rustic country decor is about handcrafted objects, simplicity, furnishings that you enjoy and connecting back to nature.

Country décor furniture is commonly made with pine and perhaps painted with hand-painted designs such as flowers, birds, animals, country scenery or leaves. Use ladderback chairs, rocking chairs, benches, and wicker furniture.

A large rectangular table made of pine is a good option for your kitchen or dining room table. To give your furniture a rustic look, brush a coat of paint on the furniture piece, then rub most of the paint off. After it dries, apply wood stain unevenly for an older weathered appearance. It will be perfect and rustic looking!

Baskets can be used to store wood, pine cones, flowers, plants and needlework. Brass candle holders, oil or kerosene lamps, sconces, hurricane lamps, tin lanterns, recessed ceiling fixtures or a vintage wrought-iron or metal chandelier provide successful lighting for rustic country decor and cottage style homes. Colors used in rustic country decor or cottage style homes are neutral tones ranging from white to bone, earth tones, red barn, blues and greens.

For country décor in the kitchen, use open shelves, hutches, buffets, plate racks and cupboards for storage. Often, country kitchen storage is crammed with stoneware pots, plain glazed earthenware and glass jars. Kitchen pots should be made of copper, steel or cast iron — cookware tends to be large and plain. Use open shelving in the country kitchen to display plates, dishes and dinnerware collections.

Natural woods, light colors and bright fabrics work great for window treatments. Adding a rustic butcher block island creates a wonderful visual effect as well as provides useful functionality.

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