Cabin Decor Ideas for your Vacation Home

Whether you have a cabin or log home as your primary residence or a vacation home, creating a warm and inviting cabin decor is paramount to the overall feel of the home!

If you go to your cabin to get away from "normal" life, then a contrast in cabin decor  will add to that escapism.

It is said that a change is as good as a rest, and a change in internal, as well as external, surroundings can make a significant contribution to the relaxed feeling you like to enjoy when you go for your weekend break or regular vacation.

Cabin Decor

If the cabin is your own, then you will want to furnish and decorate it in a way that will give you that sense of escape and rest, yet at the same time make it feel like “home”.

If your primary home is a modern city home, with a light and bright modern interior, then an excellent contrast for your lodge retreat is to seek out rustic country decor that blends well.

The liberal use of dark warm colored wood in furniture, wall hangings and ornaments, gives a cabin a warm, well used feeling that is inviting and comfortable!

The use of floral and checkmark fabrics and rustic styles in the lighting and other home necessities, goes well in this tranquil setting. Even the kitchen can be an escape to the past, but still modern in its function, with the use of vintage style pots and pans, antique style table and chairs, vintage pot hangers and so on.

Using vintage rustic styles for your cabin decor can be taken a step further, by seeking out fabrics, ornaments, decorations, furniture and utensils that feature moose or deer. If you’d prefer, then broader nature themes can be used, featuring local trees and flowers, as well as animals familiar in the area where the cabin is located.

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