Window Treatments for a Girls Bedroom

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When you’re decorating your daughter’s bedroom, you want to create a room that she’ll enjoy, but you also realize that her interests today might be mortifying to her in a few years.

Since most of us can’t afford a complete redecorate every few years, it’s only prudent to choose a decorating approach that allows your girl’s room to grow along with her.

The most common piece of advice you’ll hear is to choose big-ticket items in classic lines and generic colors that will suit any style she might want.

Then, when she suddenly decides that the Disney Princess bedroom theme is a thing of the past, it’s relatively inexpensive to switch to something new because you only need to update the wall decorations, bedding, and curtains, blinds or other window treatments.

You can also customize the windows to add stylistic punch to the room without spending a fortune.

Your daughters room should be fun and whimsical. You can combine window coverings like these tied back curtains with window blinds to give your girls room the privacy she needs while matching her room decor!

Window Treatment Ideas for your Girl’s Room

You have three options for kids’ window treatments: curtains, roller shades, and mini blinds. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Curtains are common, particularly since they come in a variety of patterns. If your daughter just has to have a Tinkerbell bedroom, curtains might be the best choice for you. They also have the added advantage of being easy to install and replace, so they’ll be easy to replace when she gets sick of Tinkerbell and wants something new. The major disadvantage of curtains is that they’re more difficult to open and close. You can tie them back, but a lot of the light will still be blocked. And installing a pull cord requires a special curtain rod and has safety issues for younger girls.
  • Roller shades provide some of the design options you can find in curtains, and they’re easier to open. However, it may be difficult for her to close the shades when they’re fully open, so you may need to find an option with a pull cord.
  • Mini blinds are very cost-effective, and they offer a lot of light control. Unfortunately, with blinds you’re fairly limited in design options. A variety of colors and decorative tapes are available, but you’ll have to work to find some child friendly options. You can also combine them with a curtain, valance, or decorative paint scheme to make them more attractive.

Once you’ve selected a theme for your daughter’s room, consider how you might combine a window treatment with accessories to come up with a unique and attractive look.

Sure, you can buy curtains off the shelf, install them, and leave it at that, but custom treatments are easier than you may realize.

Some window treatment ideas for a girls’ bedroom include:

  • Butterfly theme – For a butterfly-themed bedroom, you can purchase butterfly-print curtains, or why not make your own? You could use a butterfly stamp to customize a curtain, valance, or roller shade. Or pick bright jewel colored sheers and accent them with butterfly pins.
  • Cowgirl theme – Why should boys get to have all the western-themed fun? A girl who likes horses might enjoy a cowgirl theme. Try hanging a brown roller shade, and then string bandanas on a length of rope for an impromptu valance. Or hang a bright pink cowboy hat from the curtain rod.
  • Princess theme – Princess themes will probably never go out of style with little girls. Sweeping, diaphanous curtains are a good choice for a princess bedroom. Or if you’re skilled with a paintbrush, try a plain roller shade and paint a tower shape around the window frame. If you’re not so great with a paintbrush, you can still get the same effect by painting the walls sky blue and finding a shade or blinds to match. Hang a pre-made castle wall mural next to the window.

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