Window Treatments for a Boys Bedroom

Decorating a child’s bedroom is a difficult process. You want to create a room that he’ll be happy in, but you don’t necessarily want to spend a lot of money on Power Ranger decorations when he might lose interest in them in a year. Your goal is to decorate the space according to his tastes without committing to something permanent and difficult to update in a few years.

This may be easier than you realize; just focus on easy-to-update decorative elements like window treatments and bedding and stick to more generic designs and colors when it comes to larger purchases like furniture and wall paint. Window treatments present a terrific opportunity to customize your boys’ bedroom; follow these tips to find the right treatment to express his tastes.

Boy’s Room Window Treatment Options

The three major options for window treatments in a kids’ bedroom are curtains, mini blinds, and roller shades.

  • Curtains are easy to install and replace, and they come in a variety of patterns. If your child is completely wild for a specific cartoon or movie character, curtains may be your best bet. However, they’re difficult to open and close in comparison to the other options, so if your child spends a lot of time in his room during the daytime, you may want to select another option that allows for easier light control.
  • Mini blinds are also easy to install, and they open and close very easily. They’re also incredibly cost-effective. The major disadvantage of blinds is that the colors and patterns are pretty limited. Consider using mini blinds as a part of a layered approach with a valance or decorative paint project to up the design elements.
  • By combining sheer curtain fabric and Venetian blinds, this boys room offers privacy and natural light that can be easily adjusted as required.

  • Roller shades are an attractive middle-of-the-road option, offering more design options than the blind but easier opening than the curtain. However, it may be difficult for younger boys to reach the shades to pull them closed, so you may need to find an option with a pull cord.

All of the above options can be layered or combined with a valance to easily create a customized window treatment that will suit any kids’ bedroom.

Some window ideas for a boys’ bedroom include:

  • Military theme – For a military-themed bedroom, you can purchase curtains in camouflage or red, white, and blue prints, or you can customize your own. Try a red roller shade with a dark blue valance, and attach some iron-on military patches to the valance.
  • Knight theme – This is a terrific opportunity to encourage your son to be creative. Have him pick two colors for his knight’s crest, and use both colors in the window treatment. Buy some inexpensive wooden swords at a craft store and hang them above the windows to complete the look.
  • Characters – It seems inevitable that our children will demand their favorite characters, especially when they’re younger. If your son is fixated on one of the more common characters, you should probably be able to find a set of curtains in the right pattern. But what if he’s got to have a less popular character, and you’ve looked everywhere but can’t find the curtains? One option is to go with a plain curtain or blinds and make your own valance. Find some stickers and use spray adhesive to make them stay. Or stencil the first letter of the character’s name onto the curtains and find posters or other decorative elements featuring the character.

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