Window Curtains Complement Your Decor

Choosing window curtains for your home can be one of the most daunting decorating tasks a homeowner or renter can face!

They can make such a large impact in the room- how do you know what to choose?

First you should evaluate the design of the window itself. Also, look at the window in the framework of the room and how the room is used. Do you have beautiful windows that you want to show off or are your windows plain and you want to minimize their appearance?

Window Curtains

Spend plenty of time deciding on a fabric. Don’t be rushed into making a costly mistake. When making your decision, keep in mind how the material will be used and also the drape of the material.

Another home decorating tip is to start the selection process with your favorite color instead of being influenced by fashion or by the idea that you simply want something different. If you are in doubt of the color for your window treatments, select curtain fabrics that are a little lighter than the color of your walls.

Consider where the window is placed. Are you close to your neighbors? If so, something that can be closed to give you privacy is important. However, if you are like me and live out in the country, with no neighbors, you can get away with bare windows or minimal window treatments such as sheers!

Once your window curtains are hanging in place, you will be glad you spent the extra time and effort in selecting them. A home decorating tip to keep in mind is to be creative as well as patient when decorating.

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