Wall & Candle Sconces Warm Any Home Interior

Decorating is a very personal endeavor and creating your own unique style is hard work, but adding accents is like putting icing on the cake. And accent lighting can be one of the most visual elements in any home decor.

Wall sconces are an elegant and stylish accent lighting element. You can choose electric sconces if you are handy enough to do simple electrical projects or hire a local handyman or electrician to wire them for you. Or, choose candle wall sconces for no hassle installation and the natural feeling of candlelight.

Home interior sconces are available in many styles, shapes and colors. They add visual depth to any room and the warm glow on a wall can open up a room that may otherwise feel closed off and dark.

Not all home decorating ideas need to be elaborate and costly to be effective. Simple candle wall sconces can really big impact the overall look and feel of a room. Wall sconces can be found in may styles and materials, including metals like pewter, brushed nickel or wrought iron, or in many types of wood. Wrought iron is always a unique popular choice.

Wall art and paintings will be accented nicely if placed in the right relation to your home interior sconces. They also add depth to your ceilings since the light is directed upward in many designs, casting shadows and light in patterns.

You can hang wall sconces with little effort in just a few minutes time unless they are electric, in which case you may need to spend an hour. Most styles of wall sconces are very lightweight so drywall anchors, or nail placed on a wall stud will hold it in place. Many sconces will come with mounting hardware and instructions included.

Once you install your wall sconces, relax and see what a difference it makes to your room’s decor. Any living room, hallway, bedroom or den will feel warmer and more inviting when you flip the light switch or light the candles in your sconces.

Many web sites sell wall sconces online, offering a wide range of styles, including slate sconces, glass pillar candle holders, Marian slate sconces, swing tea light sconces, and many other varieties. Some sconce materials will include brass, bronze, ceramic, chrome, glass, crystal, paper, silver, stainless steel, and wood, wrought or cast iron.

Make Your Own Candle Sconces

What you’ll need:

  • a wooden planter box
  • glass candleholders and tea lights
  • rotary saw (or drill and jigsaw)
  • finishing nails
  • metal flashing
  • latex paint
  • sand paper
  • a hammer


  1. To add color, its best to paint the pieces first with latex paint and set aside to dry.
  2. Put a mark on the center and also where your plan to make holes for the candle light to shine through.
  3. Trace squares and use your rotary saw to cut along these lines. You can use a large drill bit to start a hole if you don’t have a rotary saw. In this case, use a jigsaw to cut along the lines, starting at the hole you have drilled. Sand the edges smooth.
  4. Prepare the planter box by unscrewing the back panel to remove. Now, cut a piece of the metal flashing, making it the same size as your panel. Attach the flashing using the finishing nails. Screw the panel back on the box.
  5. Put a piece of scrap wood inside the box to raise the candles so light can shine through your holes. It’s best to put your tea lights inside the glass candleholders for added safety.
  6. Do any necessary paint touch-up.

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