Track Lighting Illuminates with Style

Track lighting is a simple way to add lighting to an entire room or provide accent lighting to highlight special features such as artwork.

This type of lighting is installed on a mounting track fixed to your ceiling.

The track can be custom configured to fit into the area desired and involves little or no remodeling since the track is mounted on an existing surface.

The only requirement is that there is a power source such as an existing ceiling junction box.

Track Lighting

Occasionally, the power source may not be in the location where you want to place the track lighting. A simple solution is to purchase what are called L or T track adaptors (also called connectors) that are unobtrusive and blend into the track lighting layout.

These adaptors permit you to feed the electric from the power source to wherever the track lighting is set up. Once the track is installed, lighting heads or lighting cans are placed in the track and positioned to provide the desired lighting.

Track lighting is very flexible allowing the actual lights to be twisted or angled in such a way as to provide just the right illumination. This is perfect if you have a painting or feature area of the room you want to showcase! Because of the types of fixtures available, track lighting can provide a feeling of warmth and intimacy in both small and larger areas of your home.

There are a number of other areas in the home where track lighting might be an appropriate addition.

The bathroom is typically an area that has little ambient or natural light. A small strip of track lighting can be added near the shower. This will not only provide needed light in this area but will also create the illusion of the area being larger.

The kitchen and eating areas are often appropriate locations to install track lighting. If you have an island in the kitchen, a small strip of track lights will do a nice job of illuminating this food preparation area.

Some kitchens feature small counter-top eating areas that also lend themselves to track lighting.

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