Top 5 Sofa Fabrics

The comfy sofa, it is what everyone wants as the center of their living space. Whether it is a formal sitting or the family room, the couch is the place to relax. Picking the right couch can be a hard task. Not every sofa is comfortable or perfect for your setting.

There are many factors to take into consideration when purchasing furniture for your main room. The first thing to consider is size. Making sure your sofa is sized for the room. You must be sure to suit your new sofa to the rest of your contemporary furniture. Then you must take into consideration materials. What the furniture is made of will make all the difference in the world. Here are the different materials a sofa can be made of and the advantages and disadvantages of each;

1. Leather

This material has long been used for higher end furniture. Leather is great with children as spills can be wiped up easily. There are many variation on quality with leathers. The higher end, often referred to as Italian Leather, is soft and luxurious. There are also lower end leathers that are more stiff. While often leather is preferred there are some downsides. Leather can easily get holes punctured in it from animals or children. It will require special cleaning materials and conditioners to keep the leather soft. If leather is not kept conditioned over time cracks can appear as well as fading and ruin the entire piece.

2. Cotton

The most popular style of couch is cotton. These sofas can be found in all price categories and are versatile. Most pieces of furniture made with this popular material can easily be cleaned. All most always the seat cushions unzip for easy washing. They are comfortable and do not require any chemicals to maintain. The disadvantages to this material is it can easily tear or rip and it is hard to repair. Overtime cushions will flatten, but can be re stuffed. Materials made of cotton will begin to look dirty after a while. Since it is usually cheaper to purchase new than to have one recovered, if you have active children or pets, cotton may not be the best choice.

3. PVC

This is a radical new style of fabric for couches. It is made to be similar to that of leather but it has plastic feel. It is very price effective and can look great in any setting. It has many of the same advantages of leather, however significantly less in price.

4. Fur

Animal fur can be one of the most expensive materials to use. Using skins of animals to wrap couches can be expensive. They are often luxurious and add an exotic flair to any room. They will come at a price, depending on where and what kind of animal fur you purchase. This materials are not good for children or pets.

5. Wool

For years sofa makers have been creating masterpieces with wool. While today it tends to be a harder find, it is still popular in some areas. Wool is a durable fabric and can last. It may not be as soft and comfy as cotton, but it can hold up under pressure.

No matter what sofa material you choose one thing is for sure, you want the best bang for your buck. Consider the room it is going in, the dynamics of your family and selecting the right sofa can be easy. To find the perfect designer sofa, it is well worth investing some time in testing them. Most showrooms allow you to test before you buy, so take your time, and make sure you make the right decision.

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