Tips on Decorating with Kids Room Stickers

Once your child gets to a certain age the desire to have the perfect bedroom of their dreams kicks in.  Not only is this a wonderful opportunity to encourage your child’s individual personality, it is also a great time to find out more about what your child really enjoys and where their passions lie. Kids room stickers are a great way to transform their room into the space they are after, and the best news is that it won’t cost you a fortune either.

Wait a Couple of Weeks after Painting

Kids room stickers are incredibly affordable, no matter what your budget is there is bound to be a pack for you.  You may wish to completely redecorate the walls in which case you will need to follow some of the guidelines concerning the drying time of the paint.

Although the paint will be dry to the touch after a day or two, it normally takes a couple of weeks for it to dry fully. Therefore if you have just painted the walls you should wait for at least two weeks before sticking the room stickers up.  That way you do not need to worry about any of the paint being removed once you take the sticker back off the walls.

Not Painting? Start Sticking Straight Away

If you have not, or do not plan to paint the walls before placing the stickers up then you are free to start sticking straight way.  For the best results her are a few tips to make sure all goes well and the stickers look their best.

  1. Wipe down the walls using a clean, damp cloth.  The adhesive will stick to the walls better of there is no dust or dirt between the two surfaces
  2. Make sure the walls are completely dry after cleaning them
  3. Peel off the sticker and stick the top of the sticker onto the wall while holding the bottom part of the sticker away from the wall
  4. Slowly using your hand or a piece of clean cardboard, press downwards so that the entire sticker is stuck firmly onto the wall.  This should avoid any air bubbles from being trapped behind the stickers
  5. If you do manage to get a few trapped air bubbles you can fix the situation.  Kids room stickers are designed to be reused so you can simply pull of the sticker and try again.  Failing that you can use a sharp pin or needle and pop a whole in the air bubble.  Press around the edge of the bubble towards the hole in the middle.  This will push out the air and the sticker will be able to adhere to the wall behind it.

Sourcing Kids Room Stickers

I have found that the best selections of stickers to use in decorating are found online.  Although some of the larger retail stores have started supplying these types of stickers the selection is minimal.  If you buy from a specialist website you will find there is plenty of choice for children of all ages.

I have purchased my last few sets online and they have been good quality and the price is really affordable.  The hardest part of buying the kids room stickers that I found was waiting for my son to choose the packs that he wanted.

I didn’t have the same problem with my daughter however, I decorated her room over night as a surprise for her and I knew exactly which stickers to buy her.  She was thrilled, but then it is easier to please a three year old!


Kids room stickers are an affordable way to transform any room in the home. has a wide selection of stickers available for all children (including big kids) of all ages.


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