Tips for Cleaning Leather Sofas

Getting a mark or stain on your expensive leather sofas can be a devastating incident so you need to make sure your kitchen cleaning cupboard is stocked up with a few handy solutions which will tackle the stain removal issue There are a few things to consider when tackling stains on a sofa and even more implications when cleaning a leather sofa.

Leather is generally a more expensive sofa material than other common place fabrics like cotton linen or velvet. As such you need to be sure you won’t damage the leather on your sofa or risk breaking down the protective layer on the outside of the leather.

Imagine the covering of your leather sofa to be extremely sensitive skin, you wouldn’t dream of using abrasive soaps and creams if you know you have sensitive skin so don’t think of doing the same with your leather sofa! Make sure all the cleaning products you use are as natural as possible and don’t contain harsh and harmful chemicals.

On occasions you will need to use a harsher cleaning product for particularly stubborn stains and spills but just make sure you test this cleaning product on an inconspicuous part of the sofa first like the back, which might not be on display. This will allow you to check if the product is going to lead to any discolouring of the leather or remove the protective layer on the fabric.

Over the years many different stain disasters have been remedied using household discoveries below are some of the following popular cleaning solutions for a spill on a leather sofa:

Baby Wipes

Using baby wipes is extremely popular amongst proud homeowners but over time the chemical contained in baby wipes can damage lining so make sure to use this solutions sparingly for stubborn stains or less regular thorough cleans.

Soap Flakes

This product is less common on the high street these days but can still be found in some household stores. When using soap flakes make sure you are choosing the least abrasive option available. Soap flakes are recommended above baby wipes by furniture retailers as they are less likely to remove the leathers protection lining.

Damp Cloth

This cleaning solution sounds obvious but often the simplest solution is the most elegant. A damp cloth can be used to get rid of lighter stains and the water helps to disperse any dirt which has build up over time.

Baby Oil

Baby oil is a good product to use for regular cleaning as it cleans, preserves and softens the leather. Also it will stop it from cracking and make your sofa smell nice.

Saddle Soap

Saddle soap is used for maintaining horse saddles and can be picked up from most shoes shops and cobblers. Rubbing over your sofa using saddle soap will keep the leather supple. This product can help to extend the life of your leather sofa.

Olive Oil

This solution is only for use of dark coloured leather sofas, olive oil applied to a cloth will help to give the leather sofa a good shine and keep the leather supple.

Steam Cleaner

A steam cleaner is something you have less likely to have lying around in your house but they will work well to clean leather as the steam will add volume to the leather and help to lift out creases and stains in the material.

When cleaning your leather sofa make sure that you consider the delicate nature of the materials and the colour of your particular sofa. As previously mentioned it is always a good idea to test out any new cleaning routine on a less obvious part of your sofa to avoid unwanted damage or discolouration.

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