Three Steps to a Multisensory Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor living spaces provide unique opportunities for relaxing and entertaining. One of the major benefits of being outdoors is the multi-sensory experience. Before choosing enhancements for your outdoor living area, study the sensory experience that already exists. Spend time in the space at the different times of day that you will be using it to notice the sounds, sights, and yes, the smells that are a part of the environment.

1. Make connections.

You might view tree branches or boulders as things you need to work around. Instead, consider working them in to your décor! You can create a more integrated space by creating visual connections between natural structures to manufactured structures. For example, if your space includes boulders or rocks choose garden planters and pots that have similar colors and geometrics. Create tactile connections by using containers, furniture, and garden sculptures that mimic the textures in the surrounding landscape.

Garden suppliers like Pink Red Kelly have hundreds of planting containers that range from formal to rustic. Look for ones that mirror the shapes, textures, or hues in the surrounding landscape.

2. Go greener.

If you’re working in your garden, you’re already obviously a fan of nature. Taking care of the environment, especially your own personal one can be creatively exhilarating. In order to make your garden greener, use natural materials and create a peaceful place to sit, listen, and enjoy the sounds of the earth. Minimize interference traffic noise, and mitigate exhaust odors with strategically placed trellises or screens.

Water features and garden wind chimes can create soothing background sounds that will further draw attention from neighborhood noise. Even the coziest outdoor space can accommodate one of the many container fountains currently on the market.

3. Reduce stress.

It may seem counterintuitive, but including a clock in your outdoor space can actually reduce stress. You are unlikely to fully enjoy your outdoor experience if you are constantly worrying about what time it is. Decorative outdoor clocks come in a range of attractive styles and sizes. A quick glance at your beautiful garden clock will reassure you that you have plenty of time to keep enjoying the great outdoors.

In today’s busy go, go go, it’s nice to sit outside in your garden, take a minute for yourself and relax. Listen to the calming sound of the wind through your chimes. Enjoy the smell and sights of nature. You’ll feel better, and those few moments in your garden will be the breath of fresh air you’ve needed—literally.

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