Ten Furniture Trends of 2011

When designing your home you’ll not only want to refresh the look and feel, you’ll also want to keep up with modern trends. Here are our top ten trends in furniture for 2011.

Going green

We’re all looking to become more environmentally friendly in the face of climate change and this is something that’s reflected in furniture trends for this year. Furniture made from used wood is set to be a big hit as not only is this eco-friendly, the wood will carry the marks of its previous life creating a really unique feel.



Vintage furniture is always in fashion with old world designs from both east and west set to be leading fashion in 2011.

Mixing it up

Modern clean cut furniture contrasts extremely well against old antique furniture creating a depth to the room. If this is a style that grabs your attention you’ll be sure to be en vogue this year.


Furniture with an industrial feel really came to the fore last year and looks set to carry on making its mark throughout 2011. This manner of furniture fits in with most styles and will really bring an extra bit of character to your home decor.

Fitted furniture

Ever popular, fitted furniture looks set to continue making a big impact during the course of this year. Designed exactly to your specifications it not only looks stunning it will fit perfectly with the contours of your room. Consider fitted bedroom furniture when looking to make changes to your bedroom which will really add to the value of your home as well as making it stylish.

Multifunctional and Space-Saving Furniture

With many people opting for city living, our living spaces are becoming increasingly smaller. Furniture design follows this trend with multifunctional and space saving furniture designed to reflect the needs of the modern home.

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