Sports Themed Boys Bedroom Ideas

A sports-themed bedroom for boys is a great way to showcase your child’s love of a variety of different sports. These ideas and tips will inspire you as you create your own sports-themed bedroom for your little athlete!

Choose Sports-Themed Bedding First

The great thing about a sports-themed bedroom is that you can be as general or specific as you want to when decorating. This kind of room can easily be tailored to sports like baseball, football or soccer when decorating. For some personality, I added photos of my son with family members and doing what he loves most – playing sports!

To help decide how broad or precise you want to be, choose bedding first. There’s a wide range of choices when it comes to sports-themed bedding for boys’ bedrooms, and it really just depends on what you want as well as what you want to spend. As you research the different kinds of bedding choices, make a note of what other accessories in those colors are available, like curtains, wall clings or other decorations.

Because I was operating with a limited budget, I bought a more general sports-themed bedding set on sale from a local department store. The two main colors – blue and red – were a perfect combination for the color scheme were were going for.

DIY Headboard

I saved money on the bedding we chose because I wanted to take this opportunity to make a fun and sports-themed headboard for my son’s room. We decided finally on a large baseball that we made from a pre-cut plywood wooden circle, white vinyl-type fabric, upholstery batting, and red yarn.

Using a cordless drill, we first drilled holes where we wanted the yarn to appear above the fabric. Then we attached the batting and white fabric, stretching both out on the surface of the circle and attaching in along the edge of the back of the circle with high-octane staples. Using an awl, my husband poked through the drilled holes and the fabric, then threaded the yarn in a pattern similar to a baseball. Once it was mounted on the wall, it looked great!

There’s a wide range of options depending on your preference when it comes to making your own headboard. Instead of a baseball, use a piece of plywood to create a soccer or football field with paint and fabric, or cut out a giant football.

Easy Locker Room Doors

After the headboard was complete, we tackled the wall decorations beginning with beige and blue paint as well as the locker room doors – perfect for any sports-themed boys bedroom. Using some of the blue paint and our stored paint colors in the garage, we mixed up a batch of gray that was perfect.

The closet doors were ordinary fold-out wood, so we painted them first. When they were dry, we sketched the vents usually found at the tops of lockers and then outlined those with permanent black marker. For a finishing touch, we added two padlocks onto metal hardware to replace the closet door handles.

Finishing Touches

Once the headboard, painting and locker room doors were completed, all this sports-themed rooms needed were some well-placed details. An inexpensive sports-themed clothes hamper was a fun addition, and I hunted around thrift stores for items to decorate the walls, such as a gently used racquetball racquet, a batting helmet, and a framed print.

To add some personality, I added framed photos of family members and my little boy doing what he loves to do most – play sports!

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