Shipping Murals and Accent Tiles

Murals and accent tiles are a great way to make a room look visually stunning. These items are somewhat of a departure from the norm of simple painted walls or wallpaper. They give a room a designer look that shows real aesthetic ingenuity. A good way to find these great wall covering items is to search for them online and special order them. While it can be pricey to pay for even standard shipping on these weighty items, they’ll be a long-lasting and beautiful investment that you can enjoy for as long as you live in your home.

From tiling stairwells to hanging a mural on a ceiling, this form of decorating can add just the right amount of flair. Consider clouds on a baby room wall or ceiling. Perhaps you have a table you love, but it getting worn. Tiling the surface could make for a beautiful revival. Maybe you’re tired of your brick fireplace? Try covering it with tile. Maybe the pillars on the porch or patio could use a few tile accents. Have a basement with walls that stretch the length of your home? A mural could brighten that area and make it much more inviting. Thinking of tiling a kitchen counter? Consider using glass tiles for unique touch.

In order to find tiling and murals, an individual’s best bet is to do an internet search. The opportunities to find artisans online are endless and opportunities to buy unique tiles or mural designs abound. This is the fun part. Many suppliers will offer samples so that you can check color schemes, sizing, and textures to make sure you’re happy with your choices. Often, you’ll need to return them, but the vendor will likely pick up any shipping costs.

Vendors online are usually very happy to exchange emails regarding sizing, color, or any customization or artistic changes that you may be interested in. So, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and explore more options. Smaller vendors especially may have other suggestions. They may also be able to offer directions on how to hang or affix the tiles or murals to your surface area. Murals can come on all kinds of materials. They are often on paper that is glued to the wall, somewhat like wallpaper. Tiles also must be hung using adhesives. All of these processes will affect your walls and require varying amounts of skill.

Be aware that smaller vendors may have shipping restrictions. Some may not offer worldwide shipping. Others may include the cost of shipping into the item cost, in order to offer “free” shipping. It’s something to look for if you are comparing prices. If ordering a bulk shipment of tiles, it may be shipped as air freight. Expect the arrival to be very heavy! It’s always a good idea to have your work space prepped and ready. Once your items arrive, you will probably be excited and want to start right away.


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