Wreath Designs for Fall Home Decorating

Autumn is the time to warm your home with a wreath or two and you have plenty of creative options!

Fall really is a family season; the time of year when the holidays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza and New Year’s are looming and family get-togethers are frequent.

Autumn is a time when we put away fruits, nuts, vegetables and other natural stores for winter and celebrate the season’s harvest bounty.

The weather begins to chill outside, and so everyone huddles warm together indoors. With so many family gatherings fall naturally is time for the age old American tradition of the wreath display.

Mounted either as a door, wall or table ornament, wreaths symbolize the welcome we extend to others and are part of a tradition that goes back more than 2,500 years.

While the weather is cooling and the plants are welting, bring a fresh, natural and welcoming touch back into your home with a creative and easy fall wreath design.

Fall fruits such as apples and pears, along with acorns make a dazzling and colorful fall wreath to hang on the front door.

Fall Wreath Basics

If you keep the foundations simple you can spend more time on the fun creative part. Purchase either a straw wreath base or a wire wreath frame with clamps, floral wire, tape, glue and other basic floral supplies you can purchase at your local crafts store.

You will find floral wire to be an invaluable tool for subtly and securely attaching your arrangement. A glue gun can also come in handy for holding the design securely. Quirky and cute accessories can effectively add a humorous personal touch, and lavishes of ribbon are always helpful.

Finally, try to remember to keep your wreath out of direct sunlight and to mist it frequently with water, it will endure for longer.
Pick design aspects that appeal to you but don’t be afraid to add your own touch or substitute any materials for something you prefer. After all it is the personality that wreaths express that makes them so charming.

Pine cones and miniature pumpkins give this autumn wreath great form and color contrast.

Sages and Mints Wreath

Make use of herbs to bring back fresh floral scents into you home. This fall wreath highlights herbs of one botanical family. Vary the proportions based of the herbs you have easiest at hand. This wreath is so easy to make but also so pretty, you could make a matching series in a fairly short sitting.

Pick out an assortment of dried sages or mints. Consider the color scheme of your chosen material. For example, a sage wreath you could chose blue, gray and clary sage for the base with scarlet sage for decoration. A mint wreath could utilize mountain mint and spearmint for the base and lion’s ear and lemon mint for decoration.

On your wreath base, simply first wrap the base herbs in clusters of roughly three to five stems, with the clusters facing in the same direction. Use a hot glue gun to fasten the decorative herbs around the wreath in a pleasing pattern.

Fall flower wreath gives arriving guests a festive welcoming at your front door!

Wuthering Heights Fall Wreath

Roadside crews will go to the countryside and mow down wide swaths of wildflowers and grasses. However, you can consider any roadside beauties to be free pickings and stay ahead of the mowers. They have potential for a beautiful fall wreath design.

Collect bunches of air-dried wildflowers and berries. Think along the lines of Joe-Pye weed, black-eyed Susans, ironweed, wild black raspberries, staghorn sumac, goldenrod, butterfly weed, yarrow, viper’s bugloss and peppergrass.

You will want to lay this wreath design out in advance to check its appeal. Alternating a base material like Joe-Pye weed with clusters of other materials is effective; save the most vibrant to work as an accent.

Cut the stems of your wildflowers and berries to 8 to 10 inches to work with and then simply pin each cluster as you have planned facing in the same direction all the way around the wreath base. Just whimsical!

Using woven branches, berries and bright fall flowers and fruits, a fall wreath can be made using whatever natural materials you can find in your area during the autumn season.

Highland Fling Fall Wreath

With purple heather, Scottish broom, and thistles, this wreath certainly conjures up the fall atmosphere with its visions of the Scottish Highlands.

You can work with either fresh or dried materials with this wreath. You’ll need to find some purple heather, Scottish broom, flower heads of Scottish thistle, globe thistle and globe centaurea.

Make the base pieces of the wreath, the purple heather, slightly longer than the broom. Wrap these base materials with spool wire to the bottom of the wreath. If you use a wire base, perhaps make it’s a triangle shape to emphasis a Scottish theme.

With this you can simply glue the remaining materials all in a single bottom corner and add a plaid ribbon and heather tweed bow to complete the Scottish theme.

Sunflowers, maize and a plaid bow create a classic fall wreath design.

Modest Materials Fossil Wreath

In fall your collection of plants is usually small, you can use this wreath to make a theme out of the limited collection. It is demonstrated with preserved ferns, dried fern spore pods and some pieces of fern fossil but you can use another collection of your own.

Glue fern fronds around the base of the wreath. Optionally, you could glue a bundle of dried horsetail to the side to break from conventional wreath shaping. Otherwise simply glue on top of the base your collection of fossils, minerals, then flowers and pods.

The trick is to nestle these treasures amongst the fern which together a small limited collection of materials will appear more luscious and full in the fall season.

Scarecrows, fall leaves and Jack O Lanterns create a cute Halloween door wreath.

Thanksgiving Harvest Wreath

Fall is the season that welcomes in Thanksgiving, a great family holiday to conjure memories of in your wreath design.

A collection of fruits, nuts and berries will create the harvest feel. This wreath looks beautiful with its restricted palette of brown, red and orange with touches of green for contrast and freshness.

Find four sticks roughly 15 inches long and 1inch thick. Collect an assortment of dried berries, fruits, nuts and flowers.

Some ideas include: natural canella berry, small pomegranates, nuts, smooth sumac, safflowers, flower heads cut from lion’s ear stem, and love-lies-bleeding.

Change out the pumpkins with berries, acorns or fall fruits after Halloween is over to extend your fall wreath design a few extra weeks!

Lay out two of the sticks parallel to each other then put the other two sticks across them to form a square for your wreath base to rest in the middle. Nail through these where the stick join and bind the corners with spool wire.

Then you can simply use a glue gun to glue on the assortments of berries, nuts and fruits with the heaviest on the bottom and the lighter attractive accents on top.

Get creative and use any of these ideas to create a unique fall wreath to warm your the home and welcome guests.

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