Winter Decorating Ideas

Once the holidays are over, its time to take down the Christmas tree and put away the reindeer, but there are still three months of winter left and you’ll be indoors a lot, so giving your home a warm, cozy décor can be a fun after-holiday project.

Color palette plays an important part in setting the theme for your winter look. Warm tones are best for winter, so try accenting your decor with deep reds, oranges, golds and browns.

You can keep a fire going in your fireplace, with your most comfortable chairs and perhaps ottomans facing the hearth so that people can cozy up with a favorite book or craft project. Use throws and pillows with fabrics like wool or velvet that feel warm and cozy to the touch.

Winter Decor Ideas

Decorative light strands, used moderately, can help add drama and accent light to your interior. Try draping them along doorways, window sills or cabinetry to add a warm glow to your home, but be careful not to overkill.

Changing slip covers and window treatments is an inexpensive way to give your home a seasonal décor, and can be reused each year.  You may want to keep draperies airy to let the winter light into your interior. Chiffons and silks are good choices.

Area rugs are another great accessory to add color and warmth to your winter décor.  You can often find excellent deals online.

Artwork, of course, is one of the best elements to change your interior with the seasons. If you are a crafter, show off your favorite winter-patterned needlepoint or cross stitch pieces. You can also display fine art prints or posters nicely framed to match your décor’s color palette.

Family or Living Room
You can hang crystal snowflakes, icicles or colorful sun catchers in your windows to mimic the winter season and bring light and color into your living or family room. Throws and pillows slip covers are the best way to establish your palette. Paisleys, plaids and other bold patterns help set a more formal tone for your winter décor.

If your room has a fireplace, make it the centerpiece, decorating the mantle with garnishes of the season; poinsettias, winter berries, evergreen, firs, pinecones, sprigs of holly, twigs, pomegranates, persimmons, tangerines, cranberries, etc.

Set the mood of the winter season by putting some dried leaves or branches on your coffee or side tables. Keep cards and board games handy for members and friends to enjoy together.

Nothing warms a sleeping body for that “long winter’s nap” like a nice, thick down comforter and flannel bed linens. Let your guests rest their head on fluffy, soft down pillows. Since we tend to sleep longer in winter its important to be sure beddings are warm and comfy.

Candles are also a great way to add accent light in the bedroom. You can find many colors, shapes and sizes online at discount prices or in your local designer showroom or craft store.


Scented candles and votives are a great way to set the winter theme in bathrooms. Try some creative scents like pine, holly berry, peppermint, pomegranate, and winter berry.

Bath rugs are another great way to decorate bathrooms for the season. Try matching bath towels and rugs to pull your bathroom décor together and add nice seasonal artwork to the walls.

Winter is also a time when people gather for special meals, so the kitchen often becomes a primary gathering place.

Accent pieces for the kitchen include fruit bowls with apples, tangerines, pomegranates, holly berry and pinecones making good choices for your winter theme.

Dining Room
Floral arrangements are a great way to set a seasonal theme in the dining room. Go to your local craft store to find ideas and materials for your arrangement. Many times people will make the mistake of creating an arrangement that is too tall and prevents that intimate, conversational environment appropriate to the dining table. Keep your arrangement spread low so that people can easily see and converse during meals.

Dining room linens that use a fabric like damask will make good choices in winter. These fabrics shimmer and change color with the light from your chandelier and candles. Table runners or full length tablecloths will add warmth and color to your table. Winter is also a great time to set your table with your best crystal stemware and silverware.

With a little planning and preparation, you can make your home warm and comfortable for the long winter months so that family and guests enjoy the time together indoors. Nothing feels better and keeps people cheerful through the cold months of winter than a cozy winter home décor.

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