Holiday Floral Arrangements

No holiday get together is ever complete without displaying the right floral decorations.

The Christmas season is perfect for using fresh greenery and flowers to brighten your home.

To put the finishing touches on your home for the holidays with fresh flowers, try thinking outside of the vase and using this rule of thumb; if it can hold water, it can hold flowers.

Look around the house or yard for inspiration. You can hold flowers in favorite collectibles (think china animals, sugar bowls, etc.), and pitchers. Holiday collectibles such as candleholders make terrific small vases.

Holiday Floral Arrangement

Here’s a short list to get your creative ideas going and to help you add flowers to every room of your home:

  • Old watering cans, enamelware pitchers, cast-iron kettles, and antique teapots make great vases.
  • A row of champagne glasses with a large blossom in each makes your holiday dining table an elegant place to eat dinner. Place a poinsettia bloom in each glass, and put holly or Garland accented with tealight candles around the glasses.
  • Use holiday bowls and shallow dishes for floating flower heads.
  • There are as many Christmas and holiday flower-decorating possibilities as there are flowers.
  • The kitchen table and counters are a great place to display flowers, because it’s where people often gather together.
  • For an easy, elegant holiday table decoration, set a series of alternating crystal vases on a fabric runner. Place fresh roses in each of the vases and surround them with fresh garland.

You will need a base for your flowers to ‘anchor’ to if you are going to choose a more traditional flower arrangement style. You can use a ball of willow branches, grapevine, or floral foam that you can buy at a local craft store. The floral foam is called Oasis, and comes in many different shapes and sizes! It can also be cut, so if you have a tiny teapot you are placing buds in, you can place oasis in it to fit!.

When cutting fresh flowers from your garden for floral arrangements, try to do so early in the day or morning. This is because the stems have more water in them at this point of the day and the flowers are not drooping. Be sure to only use cold water in the flower arrangement because warm water tends to make the flowers open up too soon and not last as long.

If you want your holiday flowers to last longer, you can places apple and lemon wedges in the water at the bottom of the floral arrangements. The apples have nutrients that will help feed the flowers, while the lemons prevent premature rotting and browning. It also adds a more decorative touch to your flower arrangements.

When designing your flower arrangements, try to pick colors that go with the theme of the room. Red Poinsettias are classic Christmas flowers, but roses offer an elegant substitution! Both come in red and white, and can coordinate with most holiday themes.

When arranging your flowers, use taller flowers to create the vertical part of the arrangement. Then use full blooming holiday flowers with bright and bold colors for the center and sides of the floral arrangements. Then fill in the small gaps with tiny flowers.

Last Christmas on my buffet in the dining room, I used Red roses and poinsettias and baby’s breath. I alternated the roses and poinsettias in a cone shaped piece of Oasis placed in a piece of pottery I have that is not really a plate, and not really a bowl- so it had an odd shape, but was perfect for this arrangement.

Once I had my alternating rows of flowers, I inserted sprigs of baby’s breath to decorate it! It looked like an expensive, designer floral arrangement, but was homemade and a lot less expensive than pre made arrangements. I used poinsettias and roses bought from the grocery store.

When arranging your Christmas flowers in a round container, think of the face of clock. Start with the greenery: First put the "hour and minute hands" in the center of your imaginary clock, which is really the center of the container. Next arrange additional greenery at the "quarter hour" and then fill in all the hours of the imaginary clock with more greenery.

The great thing about holiday floral displays is you’re only limited by your imagination! Now get to work — and happy holidays!

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