Have Yourself a Charming Country Christmas

Country crafts and activities are fun for the entire family during the holiday season and we have some great country home decorating and crafts ideas in store for you!

There’s nothing that says cozy holidays like a house decorated with country Christmas charm. How do you countrify your Christmas décor?

Country style can range from primitive to elegant, but it is never overly fancy or fussy. It is a straightforward style that uses a lot of natural elements.

Keep a few essentials in mind when planning your country Christmas decorations and you’ll be sure to have the coziest home in town:

  • Keep it simple. Keep it family friendly. Not everything has to match.
  • Bring the outdoors inside.
  • Use natural materials; rustic rules!
  • Handmade items, family heirlooms and collectibles take center stage.

Country Christmas Colors

Although most country holiday decorations will center on traditional red and green or red and white, you can create a unique feel with teal and gold, white and gold, or red, white and blue. Whatever you choose, your décor will have more impact if you go the extra mile and match your tree decorations to the gift wrap you use for goodies underneath the tree.

Even if your tree is multicolored mix of ornaments that were made by your children or collected over the years, you could pull them together visually by using raffia to hang them and then use the raffia as package bows, too. Or, hang them with matching ribbons.

Bring the Outdoors Inside

Decorate your hearth and mantel with a little country Christmas spirit.

Bringing the outdoors inside is an essential part of country decorating; especially at Christmastime. No matter what part of the country you live in, you can find elements in nature that will add to the warm, welcoming feeling in your country home.

Natural decorations like evergreen swags and wreaths can be purchased, or, if you enjoy doing Christmas crafts, make them yourself with special elements from your own back yard.

Decorate your mantle piece with fresh oranges and other citrus laid in among the greenery. You could even add a pineapple for the center of the mantle. These were rare holiday treats shared in colonial times and make very appropriate country Christmas decorations. Punctuate this with tall ivory pillar candles and tapers mixed together to give it height.

Country Christmas Swag

Gather any evergreens you have in your local area, or find some of these at your local garden/Christmas tree center: holly, mistletoe, magnolia leaves, boxwood, eucalyptus, pine boughs and spruce all mix well together. There’s really no limit to what you can use for a swag; any sturdy evergreen that won’t wilt quickly will work. If you want to create swags that will last from year to year, purchase silk greenery.

Then, select your embellishments: pinecones, dried flowers, cinnamon sticks—your imagination is the only limit here. Create a kitchen swag by adding antique kitchen implements or fruit and vegetable shaped ornaments, teacups, or homemade gingerbread men. To make this country holiday swag you will need:

  • 3 lengths twine or jute cut to desired swag length
  • 12” green florist wire
  • Pruning sheers

To make your country Christmas swag, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Loop and tie your three lengths of jute so that you have a loop on either end.
  2. Cut all of your greens into 10” lengths, and bundle them into attractive groups.
  3. Attach each bundle to the jute with floral wire, making sure to overlap the previous bundle.
  4. Add your embellishments. Add lights if desired.

Pinecone Wreath and Swag

String pinecones of various sizes for a naturally beautiful garland, or hot glue them to a foam wreath. Add red holly berries and a gingham ribbon and you have a beautiful country statement.

Be Country Christmas Crafty!

Rustic candles made to look like bark-covered wood logs and a little Potpourri make a perfect country christmas vignette on any table or display shelf.

Country Christmas decorating and holiday cheer are all about crafts. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get your home ready for the holidays if you use a little of your own creativity! Here are a few more ideas to get those country creative juices flowing this holiday season:

Little Red Wagon

Do you have a child’s red wagon hanging around in the garage? Dust it off and use it at Christmas time! Fill it with pine boughs or place a small fir tree in the back end. Round up all those teddy bears (or other stuffed animal) and dress them up by putting a simple red or green gingham ribbon around their necks. Add them to the wagon and you have a charming display.

Gingerbread Houses are Sweet

If your family enjoys doing Christmas crafts together, making gingerbread houses is not only a great family tradition, but provides you with the perfect country table centerpiece. If you don’t want to make one from scratch, many stores have kits that step you through the process. Making gingerbread houses has been a longtime tradition in our family and one that kids remember and look forward to every year!

Put your Christmas Cards to Work

Find vintage ones in antique stores and display them on a windowsill. Flower frogs make a unique easel for displaying special cards.

Take the cards as you receive them and display them. You can either create your own simple ribbon hanger (hang a 2-3” wide ribbon next to a doorway and clip cards onto it as they arrive) or purchase a card hanger or cardholder for the tabletop.

Make Your Own Christmas Cards

Everyone loves to receive a hand made Christmas card, and a country Christmas card should, by definition, be simple. The easiest thing to do is to purchase blank cards and decorate them. Have your children draw simple pictures of Christmas trees or Santas on paper that is smaller than the blank card.

Back the image in red and white gingham (cut the edges with pinking sheers or fray them) and mount the gingham behind your picture, creating a frame effect.

Then, mount the picture and gingham onto the cardstock. Use red ink to write Merry Christmas below the image, and you’re done. It’s simple and beautiful.

The Country Christmas Tree

As with all country decorating, your country Christmas tree shouldn’t be formal or fancy.  But it can be unique, elegant and whimsical!

Put those collectibles to good use: many smaller collectibles can be hung on the tree. Old fashioned tools or kitchen utensils can be hung using matching ribbon. If you have a lot of ornaments you’ve collected over the years, they probably don’t match very well, but you can bring them together visually by hanging them all with the same kind of ribbons. You can use a variety of pattered red ribbons, mixing dots, stripes and solids for a stunning overall effect.

Amazon sells these cute felt tree ornametns for under 10 dollars.

You can make ornaments yourself, or pick them up at holiday fairs and fundraisers or shop for them online. If you purchase ornaments, make sure they have a homemade look. Country ornaments shouldn’t be too flashy or fancy. These inexpensive felt XMAS ornaments are perfect.

If you don’t have enough of treasured handmade ornaments or collectibles for your tree, you can still get a fantastic effect by decorating with cookies and candy, and filling in with matching balls.

Create a sweet Christmas tree by baking your own ornaments. Pick three or four favorite cookie cutter shapes (such as stars and moons, or trees and Santas.) Make holes for hanging before you bake them! Frost all of them in the same color royal icing (royal icing sets up firm and won’t be messy). Hang with gingham or raffia. Try a variety of red patterned ribbons: the red will hold the theme together and you can mix dots and stripes, plaids and solids for a stunning overall effect.

No time to bake? No problem! Purchase old-fashioned swirled lollipops and mix it with traditional ribbon candy to create a classic old fashioned enough to make the perfect country tree. Hang them with coordinating ribbons, fill in with glass balls.
Garland adds the finishing touch

Many country Christmas trees aren’t sparkly since the ornaments are typically handmade and simple. You can either garland your tree with the very traditional strings of cranberries and popcorn, or add some sparkle by purchasing glass or lighted garlands.

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