Halloween House Light Display Ideas

Halloween was made for lights. You can add interest and dramatic effect to your Halloween display with the right lighting .

Halloween is such a great holiday, a night when goblins rule and the timid better be wary!

It’s guaranteed you’ll get all the trick-or-treaters at your place on fright-night if you create a sparkling bat-windowed Spook Haven.

Make a fun haunted house for your kids by decorating your back yard shed, complete with a creaking off-the-hinges door (of course this is temporary), or follow the same theme for the whole house.

Add a finishing touch of the Gothic with a lighted metal topiary ball that we include easy-to-follow instructions for below.

Plan Your Halloween Lighting Display

Halloween is a holiday with so much decorating to do but very tight on time before the trick-or-treaters come knocking. When doing a large installation like this, it’s essential that you take the time to plan.

Look for speciality Halloween lights such as these pumpkin lights, ghosts, skeletons or other designs you can put in a window or hang outdoors to give your house a spooky Halloween look.

Measure how much of the structure you want to cover with your lights and match it to the light lengths of the cords, which you will find listed on the package of the lights. Factor in the length of the cords’ unlighted leads so you don’t have any gaps in coverage. Always have more light than you’ll think you’ll need, just in case.

Spooky haunted house Halloween lighting display.

Outdoor icicle lights (the same kind that are so popular for winter lighting) in white or orange, and strings of orange lights, also designed for outdoor use.

In case you were expecting fancy guests (Count Dracula, perhaps?) you could exchange some of the orange bulbs with gold and give the ghouls a touch of glitter.

Depending on the weather, and how long you want the lights to stay up, attach the cords with mini-light clips, hooks, nails, or thumbtacks.

Freak out the Windows with Spooky Halloween Lighting

Ghosts in the house? Lights are the best way to make your house the most popular on your block with trick or treaters!

  • To give dimension to the windows, cover them with strips of purple cellophane, which will contrast eerily with the orange lights.
  • Make bats by drawing bat shapes on black construction paper, cutting them out and taping them to the window. You could also create ghouls or fang-toothed monsters in the same way.
  • When you hang the lights, focus on lining the windows, the orange glow will make a super spooky atmosphere. Also dangle short and squiggly strings around the guttering of your roof. You’ll have no trouble finding Halloween-themed lights too.
  • Manufacturers love coming up with all kinds of creepy-crawly light forms and shades. Would you like a giant jack-o-lantern? Or how about skeletons on string or a huge spider?

Great Balls of Fire Halloween Topiary Display

You can put lights in a tree or shrub to create a Halloween topiary or follow these directions to create a unique lighted topiary this Halloween.

This style of topiary can add a touch of humor to the Halloween House, but in a different setting can be an elegant and versatile seasonal garden accent. You can easily change the mood by simply choosing bulb colors that reflect the time of year: orange for autumn, white for winter, green for spring, and red for summer.

With your Halloween House, or any garden setting, you can make a pair of these topiaries and have them flank a walkway or stand sentinel in a night garden.

The topiary form can be placed directly in the ground but you may need to steady it with a stone or brick. For a more permanent installation, anchor the form in a decorative terracotta pot filled with soil and planted with annuals.

Directions to Make Lighted Halloween Topiary

  1. Floral tape is a great aid to wrapping strands of lights around topiaries and other garden structures. Especially on round shapes with many sections, you’ll use lots of tape.
  2. Apart from this, you need a wire globe topiary form (try a garden shop or you can even make one yourself), 1 to 2 strands of mini lights (orange for the Halloween theme), and an extension cord.
  3. Decide the best arrangement for the mini-lights before starting to place them on the topiary form. Consider how tightly you want to string the lights and determine whether or not you need more than one strand.
  4. Wind the plug end of the mini-light strand at the base of the form, using the floral tape to secure it.
  5. Place the lights evenly around the ball, securing the strand with floral tape. To keep the lights evenly spaced, you may need to change the direction in which you wind the mini-light strand. If so, use the floral tape to reinforce the strand in places you change directions.
  6. Plug the strand into an extension cord. If you want to camouflage it, wrap it with floral tape.

Other than having to climb up and down a ladder to hang lights up high, outdoor Halloween house lighting should be really easy, and best of all fun. The hard part is always trying not to eat all the Halloween candy! Happy Halloween.

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