Frightening Fun Halloween Decorations for the Home

Indoor and outdoor Halloween displays can be fun and scary and are easy to do yourself.

Halloween has become a holiday that is enjoyed by people of all ages. Children contemplate their costumes and look forward to scoring lots of candy. We adults get to release our inner child by decorating the home and stocking up on treats.

It’s a rare decorating opportunity to ignore functionality or sophistication. So let yourself go wild and all out with some great devilish decorating ideas for both inside and outside of the home.

Outdoor Gravestone Halloween Decorations

If you’ve always yearned to turn your yard into an eerie graveyard for Halloween, then you’re in luck; all you need to make remarkably convincing gravestones in polystyrene (or insulating) board, paint and a few simple tools:

  1. The size and shape of your gravestones will depend, to some degree, on the polystyrene or insulating board you have available. If the board is not thick enough to stand alone (most will not be), glue the pieces together with wood glue and let them dry. (A hot-glue gun will burn through the board).
  2. For each gravestone you need to build a foundation by gluing together several pieces of board. Anchor the gravestone to the foundation with wire if necessary. Use a steak knife and a rasp to shape the board. Experiment with the sizes and shapes to vary the look of each gravestone.
  3. Paint your gravestones with watered-down acrylic paint or you can transfer the paint into a spray bottle to give a speckled, weathered effect. For best results, use combinations of black, gray and white paint. Make sure it is thoroughly dry before you use a blunt tool to make the lettering on the gravestone. You might want to research for some suitably spooky styles.
  4. To anchor the gravestones into the ground, stick 5-inch bamboo stakes (easy to find at floral supply stores) into the board, then into the ground. Two per piece should be enough, but additional stakes may be needed for larger gravestones.

Decorate a Halloween gravestone for a really fun way to greet trick-or-treaters at your front door on Halloween night!

Spooky Spoon Centerpiece

Follow these steps to create your own unusual decorative Halloween arrangement:

  1. Create your centerpiece using twigs fastened in a pumpkin base that are then adorned with mismatched vintage spoons which can be found in plentiful supply (and for very little money) at thrift stores.
  2. You could wrap the twigs and branches with small white lights for a particularly frightening effect. The painted spoons also make fun Halloween necklaces; slip the bent spoon on a ribbon or a chain.
  3. Hold each spoon with the beveled side (or back of spoon) facing you, and gently bend the handle toward you so that both the decorative side of the handle and the beveled side are facing outward. Coat the back of each spoon with gesso to create a base to paint on.
  4. Paint the pumpkin shape on each spoon first with orange acrylic paint and let it dry thoroughly before adding the Jack-O-Lantern face details with green and black fabric paint.
  5. Carve the top off a pumpkin clean out the seeds and pulp just as you would when preparing a jack o lantern.
  6. Cut a polystyrene block to fit inside the pumpkin, and press the ends of the jagged twigs and vines you have chosen. The more crooked the better. A dab of hot glue will hold this all in place.
  7. Arrange Spanish moss or dried leaves around the base of the arrangement and then hang the spoons with black ribbon from the twigs and vines.

Glow-in-the-Dark Window Decorations

Greet your guests with spooky glow-in-the-dark window decorations. Don’t worry about the mess, these designs are actually executed on wax paper (not your window) ahead of time; experimenting with colors and styles is half the fun. You simple need some glow-in-the-dark fabric paints in yellow, blue, and ordinary black and some wax paper.

  1. First, sketch your design on a piece of white typing paper with a pencil, and then a heavy black marker.
  2. Lay your wax paper over this and trace over the design with fabric paint. (They can be found in squeeze bottles which are perfectly easy to use).
  3. When using several colors, paint first with the color that uses the largest area, let it dry thoroughly, then apply the remaining colors for accenting. A tip: the thinner the coat of paint, the more easily the decorations will stick to the window.
  4. To mount the decoration, simply wet the front of the design with a small amount of hot water (a small paintbrush works well for this purpose) and press the decoration against clean window surface. Apply pressure for a few seconds. The design will stay in place on the window but is easy to remove.

Vampire ‘Velcome’ Mat

We are using a Dracula design I made as an example but this idea can be created with any design to extend a memorable greeting to your trick-or-treaters with this painted doormat:

  1. You need a coir doormat, acrylic paints and acrylic sealant. It is easy to do but has a great devilish effect.
  2. You should plan out your design then transfer it to the doormat with a black marker. Mine had a vampire face against a moon with the letter VELCOME printed across the bottom.
  3. Pour the paint of the bottom layers out and apply them to their section with a natural sea sponge. Define the lines first, then fill between the lines with generous amounts of paint.
  4. Continues to paint following the order of the bottom sections first so that the final layers will be reserved for the defining details.
  5. Use black paint in a squeeze bottle to paint the final details in thin lines such as the facial expressions. Let all the surfaces dry thoroughly.
  6. If you have lettering such as in my doormat, use stencil letters on poster board to make stencils that you can fill in easily to make a crisp effect.
  7. Once all the layers have dried thoroughly, cover the entire doormat surface with an acrylic sealant to savoir your creation for Halloween seasons to come.

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