Fall Decorating and Autumn Colors

Photo by Suzy Pierce Design

Rain showers come and go, leaving the air crisp and clean. Autumn displays her earthy browns, brilliant reds, liquid amber and orange, pear gold and muted yellow.

Bringing the feel of autumn into your home creates natural warmth and echoes the changing season. As with any seasonal theme, you can go the subtle route by switching out accents, adding a fall floral display and putting up an autumn wreath.

Or, you can really embrace the season and go a little further … read on to learn some fun and inexpensive ways to usher in the fall season.

Fall Colors Have Impact!

Fall is a time of dramatic, vibrant color and pattern. Harvest colors, falling leaves, nuts, seeds, berries, dried grasses, fall fruits and grapes are just a few of the endless possibilities to create a fall display inside or in your garden.

Now I would never suggest you paint interior walls just to decorate for a season, but so many of our favorite colors come in fall anyway. You can safely paint almost any room in warm tones and it works all year round.

Paint a single wall in orange or another bright fall color and leave the rest white for strong contrast.

Orange is a bold color, but look at the contrast you get when you paint just a single wall in a room in a very bold primary color and leave the rest of the room white? It’s striking and, again, will work well all year. Other ‘bold’ fall colors that work well as wall paint colors include cinnamon, cranberry and burgundy.

Remember to think contrast; a cranberry wall with white chair rail looks great but four cranberry walls and no trim will seem too stark. Blend or contrast colors, generally using no more than 2 or 3 colors in a room, although you can get away with adding small accents to greatly affect the overall look of a room. So, you can add red, yellow or orange to a room that otherwise has none of these colors, creating a focal point in one area or splashing the accent color in several places throughout the room.

Gourds, mini pumpkins, pottery and woven baskets make a great fall vignette.

Autumn Home Interior Accessories

Pillows, quilts, throws and other textiles are traditionally used to give the home a warmer feel for fall; as the weather gets chilly, we naturally get out the wool and fleece.

Lucky are the crafters who can make their own, but you can also find wonderful blankets, pillows and throw rugs with fall designs in local crafts stores or shop online. Retailers like Pottery Barn have great selection. Black Forest has some really cool fall pieces you can check out too.

Colored glass containers and potpourri dishes make good accents on the fireplace mantel, countertop or window sill. Here’s a great idea we found; fill an apothecary jar with candy corn or M&Ms for a colorful (and tasty) accent piece for your coffee table.

M&Ms and candy corn displayed in glass apothecaries make a nice room accent.

Candles and Vases

Candles are always a nice fall touch. Use copper or brass candle holders for a rustic autumn accent. And of course you’ll want a few pumpkins, gourds, or fruit on a long woven basket or wooden tray. Add berry clusters, seeds and nuts, fall fruits, autumn leaves and flowers to make a colorful fall garnish.

The great thing about candles is the wonderful variety of colors, scents and shapes you can find. Add a subtle scent of pear, grape, or other smells of fall to reach beyond just your sense of sight; you can add a whole new dimension to your room with the right scents.

Cut fresh flowers from your garden to take advantage of that last flourish of the season. Pick up pine cones and pine needles, wild flowers and dried grasses to give your room a rustic fall feel. Put them in a woven basket with some mini pumpkins or gourds to spice up the dining table or a display shelf or countertop.

Throw Rugs and Fabrics Warm Your Home

When the seasons change and winter approaches, we want to soften and warm our home. This is where fabrics become so important in giving a room the right seasonal cues. Fabric is the essence of fall decorating. Use it to introduce a pattern or repeat as well as to warm and soften your interior.

A tapestry softens a large wall in a living room or hallway, deadening sound and warming the room. A handmade quilt draped over the back of a sofa invites guests to come in sit down and relax. A knit blanket at the foot of a bed makes you feel comfortable when you get into bed. A shag throw rug softens the natural stone bathroom floor.

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