Christmas Decorating for Kids Bedrooms

Kids love to decorate for Christmas as much as adults. However, all too often their idea of what looks good, and our idea of what looks good, are very different.

Letting your kids decorate their room for Christmas can be a great compromise. When letting your children decorate their room for Christmas, let them have the most say in what they do. As long as there are no safety or fire hazards, let them have fun. Let them express how they think the holidays should look.

Kids Christmas Decorating Tips

Here are some of the ideas my nine year old daughter incorporates in her room every Christmas:

  • Miniature Christmas Tree – Every year, she places her miniature Christmas Tree on top of her dresser. Sometimes she puts colored lights on it, and sometimes white- but I always let her choose. She also enjoys picking out new miniature ornaments to place on her tree each year. For the ultra girly-girl, there is a ‘Barbie’ Christmas tree available. This tree is pink, and stands about 2-3’ tall, if I remember correctly, and comes with pink lights and Barbie ornaments galore. While my daughter has never shown an interest in it, I know many little girls that would.
  • A Christmas Bedspread – One year, after much begging, I finally broke down and bought her a Christmas comforter set for her room. Her set has giant quilted ornaments on a Christmas tree, and matching throw pillows in the shape of ornaments. I must admit, it IS cute. We even have a matching area rug.
  • Christmas Window Clings – These are inexpensive and can be found in numerous patterns and themes. My daughter uses a mix of snowflakes and Santa’s, and reindeer and all sorts of other Christmas patters. During the holiday season, her bedroom window looks like a very strange stained glass window pattern. Yes, it’s a little gaudy in my mind, but it’s her room and she enjoys cramming as many on her window as possible.
  • Garland, Bows and Lights – For her room, I buy the inexpensive fake garland, and hang it around her door way as well as around her closet door and windows. Sometimes we include lights, sometimes not, but she loves seeing the pretty garland and bows hanging.
  • Paper Snowflakes – Every year, my family room turns into a confetti factory when she and her friends make what seem like hundreds of paper snowflakes. After they are completed, I have the joyful task of hanging them from her ceiling. I use clear fishing line and a dot of glue to secure the line to the snowflake, and then clear glue dots to secure them to the ceiling. The benefit of those glue dots is that they come off easy and don’t leave any residue.

Decorating a child’s bedroom for Christmas can be a wonderful way to bond. We spend a day together and get her decorations together and then have fun putting them all out.

Letting your child choose how to decorate their room for the Christmas holiday lets them feel a part of the festivities, and lets them explore their own sense of style.

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