Pretty in Pink Girls Nursery

There’s no monkeying around with this pretty-in-pink nursery! The vivid colors, cozy bedding, and playful monkeys accentuate the pinks associated with girls’ bedrooms while still offering a variety of other decorating options.

Painting the Room

This room will help you welcome a new baby girl into the family with shades of pink balanced with adorable, fun-loving brown monkeys. The contrast between various shades and tints of pinks and browns is particularly appealing. Another aspect that I love about this nursery theme is the balance of complementary accent colors that are part of the bedding set. If you choose a pink background for the walls, accessories around the room can be orange, blue, green and brown. They can also be lighter or darker shades depending on your preference.

The foundation of this nursery theme are the walls painted in a perfect shade of soft pink, but it could easily be sage or taupe. Another option is to split the wall in half horizontally, painting the top a lighter color and the bottom a darker, complementary color – pink on the top and light brown on the bottom would work well. Chair rail painted white and mounted at the halfway point would help distinguish the division.

Nursery Bedding

This particular nursery set is called Melanie the Monkey by CoCo & Company, and it’s available in a variety of popular retail stores. If you’re looking for animal-themed or monkey nursery bedding, there’s a wide variety from which to choose that are appropriate for both boys and girls. If you’re interested in gender neutral colors like yellows, tans, greens and creams, there are plenty of fun options available as well.

Pretty in Pink Nursery Accessories

Nursery accessories usually include a crib, changing table, and a comfortable chair for those late-night feedings. This room, however, has been nicely accentuated with a brightly colored, DIY shelf and favorite stuffed animals.

My favorite accessory in this room is the creative wall decoration made with wooden letters to spell out the new baby’s name. These wooden letters come unfinished in a local craft store, easily customized for your decor with paint. They can also be used throughout your child’s life, repainted as needed as she grows and develops.

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